Go From Summer To School With Backyard Science

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Depending on where you live, school may be starting soon — if it hasn’t already – but the summer months are not over yet.

The dog days of August can bring hot days and boredom and with them whiny kids and frazzled moms.

If you’re looking for some fun activities for the last days of summer – or a lazy weekend afternoon — that will also provide some educational stimulation to transition back to school, look no further!

Many kids are nervous about going back to school, and it is often hard to put our thinking caps back on when we’ve had an extended break (true for adults and kids alike)!

But by incorporating some interactive educational activities into a summer day, we can help gear the kids up to get excited about learning new things in the coming school year while enjoying some time outdoors.

Science and math, in particular, are a struggle for many kids, but getting hands-on with some STEM projects can show them that they can play and learn at the same time and alleviate some back to school anxiety.

STEM studies – Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math – are a major focus of most school curricula these days, and for good reason.  We are becoming more dependent every day on technology, and the newest generation of students is being taught to carry on advancements that are meant to improve our quality of life in the future.

There are countless kids’ science experiments online, but these projects are some of our favorites because they are fun for all ages, aren’t too messy (but you have to make some mess to have fun!), and require nothing more than what you likely have on hand in the house.

So gather some supplies and head to the backyard to explore some summer fun with science and math!

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