Grotesque Relationship Is Praised By LGBT Community

The skewed perspective of liberals has brainwashed far too many Americans into thinking that exposing children to sexual perversion is somehow beneficial. 

As if that wasn’t bad enough, the LGBT community is now glorifying when children begin displaying behavior akin to an alternative lifestyle early on. 

One of the many reasons that mindset is dangerous is because it thrusts young people into sexually confusing situations that they are not knowledgeable or mature enough to handle- like this corrupted young man. 

Kayleb was barely 17 when he met an older man claiming to be homosexual, who would give him money and affection, as the odious news site Pink News has reported. 

It was said that they had a “sugar daddy arrangement” before it turned into what they called “dating.”

This clearly is an attempt at minimizing the fact that a “49-year-old man was paying a high school boy for sex,” as Matt Walsh put it on the Daily Wire.

The older man, Mark, was not inexperienced or naïve in what he was doing, and has had his manipulative hold on Kayleb for 6 years and counting.

The popular LGBT site wrote the profile on Kayleb and Mark not because they were looking to expose repulsive issues going on within the community, but to praise them for their daring age-gap.

Why do we need to tell people that middle-aged men are not supposed to date high-school boys?

As Walsh points out, this is “grooming.” The older man is coercing Kayleb to act a certain way. The young man would even call the predator “daddy.”

Where are Kayleb’s parents? Why is it okay to let your children go with an older man who has known intentions of sexual misconduct just because he is homosexual?

America’s efforts to become politically correct have corrupted the minds of parents, urging irresponsibility and ignorance.

It is not uncommon for the LGBT community to groom children into becoming a billboard for their twisted agenda. 

A couple of months ago, a 7-year-old boy boy was asked to lead the LA Pride Parade. The left vehemently applauded as the child strutted in front of everyone in heels and a skirt. 

MSN highlighted the story with the title, “Trans child wins LA Pride Parade with fierce strut in heels.”

Many libraries are hopping on board with the left’s warped plan and getting drag queens to read stories to the children. 

One drag queen in the UK even decided to teach children how to ‘twerk’- an obscene dance move- and nobody stopped him!

It seemed no parent wanted to sound insensitive to the transgender’s plight so they allowed their children to participate in grossly inappropriate behavior. 

One of the biggest stories in the LGBT community to catch wind this year has been of little Desmond, as Mommy Underground has previously reported. 

He is a young autistic boy who dresses up in women’s clothing and dances at gay bars where grown men throw money at him- and his parents drive him there!

The sexualization of America’s children is a real and present danger that the left wants to normalize by any means necessary. 

Children do not have the capacity to make mature decisions that consider the long-term ramifications of their actions; that’s why they have parents.

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Liberal parents are becoming passive, politically correct drones who feed their children to LGBT predators looking to breed the next generation of immoral and confused individuals.

When conservatives try to speak up for the innocent victims of society, they are accused of not being ‘open-minded’, ‘progressive’ (towards what exactly is unclear), or much worse. 

It is deeply saddening to see young men like Kayleb trapped in a life they were tricked into living, one that will only leave him feeling empty.

Just as heartbreaking is seeing our children being forced into situations that expose them to perverse content that are conflicts beyond their understanding. 

The Daily Wire reports that “the country is bullied into accepting drag queens, child sexual abuse, and more.”

This truth should be at the front lines of our defenses. The left should not be able to make us feel insecure, insensitive, or incompetent just because we won’t accept the culture of sin. 

Every voice for traditional family values will go towards saving another child from becoming groomed by the LGBT community. 

Please let us know in the comments section what you think of the homosexual news site praising the age-gap between a young man and the 55 year-old.