Have You Checked Your Child’s Schoolwork Lately? These Parents Were Outraged

We are all aware that public schools are indoctrinating our children with abhorrent subject matter that advances the agenda of the left.

Alternative lifestyles and deviant sexual behavior are being taught alongside math and history – and just when you think the material being presented to our kids in school couldn’t get any worse, it does.

One parent was recently reviewing a science test his daughter brought home from school, and he could not believe what he was seeing.

Café Mom reported:

Given out at Westside High School in Jacksonville, Florida, the test featured a question that explored blood types by presenting a scenario about a girl named Ursula who got pregnant after having “revenge sex” with her ex-boyfriend’s best friend. After presenting the blood types of Ursula, her ex-boyfriend, and her “baby daddy,” the question asked which blood type it would be impossible for the girl’s baby to have.

“What the heck?” he asks. “This is a disgrace to our educational system and probably one of the most biased pieces of information I have ever read. Where the hell are our schools going?”

This father had every right to be furious, and it is unbelievable that the left wants this subject matter to be so accepted as commonplace that every piece of information our students learn now has a liberal slant.

The dad posted a picture of the test on Facebook, expressing his outrage and reaching out to see what other parents were experiencing.  His video quickly went viral, leaving many parents to question what is really going on in our public schools.

The school system released a statement, trying to defend themselves by saying the question was created by a single teacher.  But they seem to shoot themselves in the foot by saying it was shared prior to the test on an online teachers’ platform – meaning multiple school teachers saw it and didn’t think there was anything inappropriate about it.

Café Mom continued:

Duval County Public Schools told the New York Daily News in a statement that the assignment was created by a teacher in the district and shared on an online platform used by teachers before it was given out to students. They also noted that the question has since been scrubbed from the platform so it doesn’t appear on any other assignments.

“This platform is a valuable tool for teachers to exchange classroom resources,” the statement read. “While this was not a district created item, we recognize that this falls well short of our standard of providing instructional excellence for every student, every day and we would like to apologize to the students and their families.”

This is not the first issue of its kind to have parents up in arms about the material being assigned to our children.

The Federalist recently reported on the fight taken on by some parents when they found out what novels their children were being assigned to read.

Laura Murphy, a mother of four, was shocked when she read excerpts of her son’s assigned reading for English class.  In book after book, sexually explicit scenes, homosexual behavior, rape, and molestation filled the pages.

“I was just blown away,” she said. As Murphy continued to read, she discovered other graphic scenes depicting gang rape and bestiality.

During a meeting with the principal and assistant principal, teachers, librarians, and the English Department chair, an English teacher told Murphy it was important to assign literary material written by best-selling, award-winning authors and if teachers publicly identified books containing sexually explicit material, parents won’t want their kids to read them.

Dissatisfied with the outcome, Murphy took her case to the Board of Education. When she attempted to email direct quotes from [the novels] to members, the agency firewall prevented her communications from being delivered.

“At that point, some eyebrows were raised…there was just delay after delay.”

Another mother, Kim Heinecke, experienced the same unwillingness to be heard when she approached her child’s teachers.

 “[The principal] talked to the teachers [prior to the meeting] and the English teacher’s response to him was that it was an award-winning book and kids hear this kind of thing all the time. I felt as though I didn’t have a right to tell them I didn’t want my kid to read it. They made me feel stupid,” Heinecke said.

Macey France, a mom in Oregon, even wrote an article entitled “Common Core-Approved Child Pornography” after looking through the assigned reading lists in the Common Core standards for high schoolers.

All of these parents were shocked at such immoral subject matter being so carelessly presented to our children.

Many parents are not aware of exactly what is being presented in school unless they are approached by their children.  They often assume that if teachers assign something, it must be appropriate.

That couldn’t be farther from the truth, as the experiences of these parents show.

With these blatant violations of our parental rights and the liberal bias permeating our public schools, many parents are looking for alternatives.  Mommy Underground recently reported on other options for education in the wake of public school failures.

With this type of obscene leftist propaganda on the rise in our nation’s schools, parents must be more vigilant than ever and address any concerns to the highest level necessary.

It is a good idea to sit down and talk to your teens to reinforce your family values and let them know to bring any questionable school material to your attention.

Parents once had to monitor schoolwork to make sure our children were earning good grades and understanding the material taught.  Now, we must police our children’s work to make sure they are not being given obscene material.

What do you think of the shocking question on a high schooler’s science test?  What about the struggle other parents have had to have their concerns addressed about inappropriate reading material?  What would you do in this situation?  Leave us your thoughts.

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