Here’s What Overwhelmed Mamas Need Most From Their Husbands 

Moms are some of the most strong and resilient women in the world.

From childbirth to child-raising – many men stand in awe at their wives wondering how they are able to be so strong, yet so gentle all at the same time.

But there’s one thing moms everywhere want their husbands to know – and if husbands learn this one thing it will change everything within the home.

While moms can do it all – it comes with a price.

Many moms are feeling the weight of their responsibilities and becoming depressed and overwhelmed – all because they feel alone.

The good news is, husbands have an incredible chance to help make the load these women face just a little bit lighter.

Here are just a few ways husbands can help support their wives.

Emotional Support

Being a mom is rewarding and one of the greatest blessings from God, but it is HARD WORK!

Often times, moms who both manage the household, raise multiple children, and have a part-time job can be left feeling overwhelmed, and exhausted.

One of the best things a husband can do is be there emotionally for his wife – whether she wants to vent, cry, or just hear reassuring words.

Simply taking the time to listen to the rants or tears shows emotional support, and makes the wife feel like she is understood and supported 

Help Around The House  

Moms are juggling multiple balls in the air all at the same time. It may look seamless, but every mom knows the real secret should one thing go wrong – everything will crash.

Having a husband proactively help with little things around the house can speak huge volumes, and truly provide relief to a stressed out mama.

Things like offering to cook, empty the dishwasher, fold a load of laundry may seem like “little things” – but these little things go a long way.

One of the worst things a husband can do is plop down in front of a TV or video games while his wife runs around the house like crazy trying to feed her family and take care of all the dozens of things that come up all at the same time.

Marriage isn’t about dominance, it’s a partnership!

Love Their Family Well

One of the best things a husband can do for his family is to love them well.

Children are observant, and they will see how their father treats their mother.  A kind husband, with a servant heart and provider mindset will teach children the importance of having respect for women.

And a husband who is involved in their children’s lives – like teaching them a hobby or attending their sporting games will make children feel loved and supported as they develop.

It’s not about buying a ton of presents and spoiling children with material possessions to show love – it really is just about being present and caring about strengthening the family unit.

What do you think overwhelmed moms need most from their husbands?

Have you found certain behaviors to be more harmful than helpful?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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