Here’s Why School Bus Drivers Are Unsung Heroes Who Deserve Our Appreciation 

Each day, parents send off their precious children to school and many children depend on the school bus as their main method of transportation.

Parents are trusting basically a complete stranger, to safely transport their most precious cargo to school in the morning, and then bring them home in one piece each afternoon.

And what many parents don’t always realize is the important role bus drivers play each day in a child’s life.

Bus drivers don’t make a lot of money – so people don’t choose a career as a bus driver for the cash.

But what seems to be a consistent theme in the lives of most bus drivers – is a seriousness about their job – and the internalized responsibility to take care of all the children in their possession, and make sure they are safe.

And the truth is – this is no easy task. 

The average school bus has about 60 kids on it at a time – but some buses are overcrowded and carry a whopping 80 students – often putting 3 or 4 students in a seat.

Then you factor in traffic, rainy days, and crazy drivers who refuse to stop at stop signs.

Let’s face it – driving can be stressful for most parents who only have 2 or 3 children in the backseat – imagine a school bus full of children!  

While the day to day life of a bus driver can be challenging – where the rubber meets the road is viewing how they respond in a crisis. 

Every parent’s worst nightmare is something going wrong on a bus – and having a bus driver unable to handle a situation with wisdom.

News Channel 9 reported the heroic action of a school bus driver who safely evacuated 53 children off the school bus when heavy smoke emerged from the rear of bus – which was determined later stemmed from hot breaks.

The bus driver could have panicked – but instead she acted calmly and showed love and compassion to the students – while making sure they were all safe. 

Another example of a bus driver who went above and beyond the call of duty involved a Kentucky bus driver.

The driver noticed a student forgot a bag of food on the bus. 

But instead of shrugging his shoulders and throwing away the food – his concern the student would go hungry over the weekend caused him to do the most incredible thing.

Northern Kentucky Tribune reported:

“Superintendent Adkins who drove a bus for 17 years adds that drivers love serving children and often go the extra mile. “In Floyd County, we had one particular driver that after making his run on a Friday evening discovered a bag of food that was sent home with a student but had been forgotten on the bus. This driver got in his personal vehicle and took it to the child’s home. Because he worried the child wouldn’t have food.”

So moms, as you walk your child to the bus tomorrow, be sure to thank the bus driver!

You can also do something sweet with your child like have them make a homemade card and chocolate cookies – just as a way to say “thanks.”

Bus drivers may be unsung heroes – but it’s time we show our appreciation in little ways for the major role they play in the lives of the children they serve. 

Do you agree bus drivers are unsung heroes who deserve our deepest gratitude? 

What are some ways you can show appreciation to your child’s bus driver?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below! 

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