High-School Teens Shatter Typical Stereotypes With This Touching Act

Millennials have a bad reputation these days, and it’s even worse for the group known as “post-millennials.”

Adults are quick to call them lazy and troublemakers and are eager to dismiss their ability to care about others.

But one group of high-school students broke the mold and shattered all stereotypes, and you won’t believe how much their actions touched the entire nation.

In fact, their story went viral, and sent a convicting message to adults, reminding them how a simple act of kindness can go a long way.

It’s tough being a kid these days.

High-schools actually have to have lockdown drills, to prepare for active shooters.

Left-wing teachers are trying to force the LGBT agenda onto teens, often forcing them into “sex-ed” classes that teach promiscuity and violence.

And of course, Planned Parenthood has its claws into high-schoolers, by promoting abortion and trying to get teens to buy the notion they are “pro-women.”

Teens are exhausted and tired of being used as pawns in a political war, which is why at one local high-school when they encountered the kindness of a lunch lady, they gravitated towards her goodness.

This lunch lady was known to care about her students.

She did more than just feed them; she actually walked alongside them through the trying teenage years.

Knowing that she drove a nearly 40-year-old car, a group of high-schoolers wanted to do something nice for her, so they surprised her with a new car that had been refurbished.

But even more touching, it was the high-school body shop students that helped make the car look almost new again, and did the work to restore the car.

Naturally, this act of kindness touched Debra the lunch lady on a deep level.

Debra went on to sing the praises of her students and understood the important role she played in their lives, just by being their lunch lady.

CBS8 reported:

“I feed the kids, I prepare the food, I talk to them, I stop them from fighting,” said Debra. “They don’t cuss. They have to respect, and they call me ‘Aunt Debbie.'”

“Debbie comes to campus every single day with a smile on her face, ready to take on the day and serve our students,” said Jason Babineau at Hoover High. “So, to see this gift that so many people have been a part of in making it happen is a wonderful thing…

“Thank you all so much, thank you all so much,” said Debra. “I’m looking for my reward in heaven and you all gave me a little bit here on earth.”

The kindness of these high-schoolers is a reminder to us all that each of us has the ability to pay it forward.

Debra was kind to them, because it’s the kind of person she appears to be, not because she expected them to buy her a car.

And in turn, touched by her kindness, the students decided to surprise her with a car, so she can safely get to school and participate in all her volunteer activities.

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So moms, be encouraged!

Teens may get a bad reputation these days, but there are teens out there who are making the world a better place.

Here is the touching video, showing Debra receiving the car from her students

What is your favorite part of the lunch lady story?

What is a way you can pay forward an act of kindness to someone in your life today?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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