Homemade Valentine’s Day Gifts For The Kid’s Classroom

It’s that time of year again, where your child is begging for boxes of Valentine’s Day cards and candy to hand out to their friends.

Each holiday it seems like the same thing, some card variation of the go-to grade school cartoon character.

This year, make your kid stand out for something other than the best Incredible Hulk impersonation, and have them bring gifts that are straight from the heart.

Homemade items are always better than store-bought, they have a signature that you can’t buy and everyone always remembers them.

Choose from one of these crafty ideas to bypass another standard box of cards and candy, and to have fun with your kids in the process.

  1. Yarn Heart Cards

Yarn heart cards add texture to the classic heart card, and they are so fun to make, your children will think it is a gift in itself.

All you need is cardstock in the color of your choice, scissors, tape, needle, plastic child-safe tapestry needles, and colored yarn.

Cut the size of cards you want to make and then have your child fold it in half. Tape a heart template to the front of the card.

Unfolding the card to lay flat, punch holes in the heart with a needle then throw the template away.

Your child is then ready to use the tapestry needle to thread the yarn in and out of the cardstock. Knot the yarn on the inside of the card when you are done.

Now you have the cutest cards this side of the Mississippi. Top it off with a handwritten message by your child on the inside.

  1. Cookies

Every kid loves cookies. Make them unique by having your child decorate them with sprinkles, hearts, and icing.

Nowadays you have to be cautious about food allergies in the school. There are recipes online to make your sugar cookies gluten-free, nut-free, and dairy-free, eliminating the most common food allergens.

Wrap each classmate’s cookie in a piece of Saran Wrap and then tie it off with a red or pink ribbon. Attach a tag that has the child’s name on it that it is being given to.

  1. Award Ribbons

It is nice to know when you are appreciated. Passing out award ribbons highlighting a friend’s best quality is much more personal than most Valentine’s Day gifts.

You can make a simple award ribbon by accordion folding cardstock paper, fanning it out into a circle, and then using a piece of scotch tape to adhere the ends.

Cut a circle out of cardstock to attach to the center on which you will write the child’s name and quality.

Get two pieces of colorful ribbon to glue to the bottom of the circle, then hot-glue a clip-on hook to the back so kids can slide them onto their shirts at school.

  1. Cupcake Blooms

Purchasing a dozen roses for every classroom can get pretty pricey, so why not have your child make their own flowers to wow their peers.

All you need is three colorful cupcake liners that you fold and fit into one another. Pierce a hole in the middle of the liners and insert a pipe cleaner. Glue and bend the tip so the pipe cleaner doesn’t fall out.

Take the bottom of the “stem” and fold it halfway up to form a leaf on the side. That is it! These are simple and cute flowers that everyone will enjoy. Consider getting super hero cupcake liners for the boys, and princess ones for the girls.

  1. Heart Fan

Children love valentines that you can play with. Making a heart-shaped fan is a fun and personal Valentine’s Day gift.

You will need to get craft sticks, paper, glue, and markers to write a message for each one in the class.

Fold a piece of construction paper in half, then cut out half a heart, so that when it opens it is a full heart.

Accordion fold the paper heart, then staple in the middle of the heart without opening it.

Glue the craft sticks on both flat ends of the folded paper heart below the staple. Glue a personal message on one of the sticks.

When you open the sticks up the fan heart will be exposed. Tie a piece of ribbon around the sticks to keep it closed and add a gift appeal.

  1. Lollipop Butterflies

These cute and easy gifts are filled with candy, so you know every child will love it.

Fold a piece of construction paper in half, and cut half a butterfly into the top and bottom. When you open them up, you should have two butterflies per one piece of construction paper.

Cut two small slits into the middle of the butterfly to weave the stick of a lollipop through. The round top of the lollipop will look like the head of the butterfly.

Have your child decorate the wings of the butterfly, and write a message on it for their classmates.

Talk with your child about how fun it is to make someone you care about something by hand, letting them know how caring they are for putting in all this effort.

Your child’s friends will get excited about the unique gifts and look forward to what is in store the following year.

Please let us know in the comments section if you have a fun craft you like to do with kids for Valentine’s Day.



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