Horrific: Some States Can Still Legally Grant Rapists Custody of Children

Women who become pregnant by rape and choose to have their children have been through so much trauma, but some states are making it worse.

As it turns out, some states can still grant partial parental custody to the rapist, despite the protests of the women.

While many states have made progress in the battle, not every state has strict laws automatically prohibiting a rapist from gaining custody of the child.

Some states allow the parental rights of rapists to be terminated based upon clear evidence the child was conceived in a non-consensual manner.

But things get even more complicated with other states requiring a conviction for the sexual assault in order to terminate rights. 

Which means without an actual conviction of the rapist, they are still entitled to parental rights should a judge decide. 

Legislators need to do better. 

A woman who has been sexually violated has a massive ordeal of trauma to work through.

And when a rapist decides to take her into court to gain custody of her child, essentially the woman is re-traumatized again as she is forced to speak of the horrific ordeal, again.

In front of people. In front of the rapist. 

Not to mention the terror of thinking a rapist could have access to her precious child – no woman should have to live with that fear until the courts decide what to do. 

Analyn recalled her horrific ordeal – she was raped in one state and moved to Florida that at the time didn’t have laws prohibiting a rapist from gaining custody (or partial custody of a child).

It was up to the judge.

And with wild-eye careless judges dominating the courts – one never knows how they will rule.

Thankfully, the judge ended up ruling in her favor, but things could have taken a dramatic turn for the worse.

Analyn was determined to make sure no other woman had to go through what she went through, so she reached out to her contacts for help and drafted legislation which ended up becoming law in Florida. 

Parents reported:

“She also reached out to her former law professor at Florida State University and he helped her draft the law that ended up getting passed in the state. “That was something that went through unanimously, bipartisan support, because there wasn’t anything to prevent this,” she says. A victim’s custody battle with their rapist relied on a judge’s decision. “You have to have something in place so that it isn’t just a gamble like that,” she adds.”

Many people are shocked to learn that women who become pregnant from rape actually choose to have their babies, but they do.

After all – a baby conceived through rape is no less valuable than any other baby.

There are pro-life activists who have been conceived through rape who advocate on behalf of both babies conceived in rape, and for the mothers who become pregnant through rape.

If a man sexually assaults a woman – he should go to jail – not be entitled to custody of a child should she become pregnant.

What are your thoughts on rapists being able to get custody of a child who was conceived through rape?

Do you agree every state should automatically prohibit a rapist from being able to have custody of a child conceived through rape?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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