Horrifying! Day Care Owner Neglects Toddlers And Traps Them Behind A Fake Wall


Parents who send their children to daycare trust the childcare workers to look after their precious children.

It’s every mother’s worst nightmare to imagine the thought that their children could be abused or neglected by the people who are supposed to care for them.

But for one group of moms – their worst nightmare came true when it turned out their precious toddlers were neglected and stuffed behind a fake wall.

A childcare worker had a daycare business in her home. She was licensed to have 6 children.

But something was up, and the neighbors reported to the authorities there were clearly more than 6 children running around.

The police started to investigate, determined to make sure nothing shady was going on.

And when police arrived, they discovered the 26 children in soiled diapers hidden behind a fake wall.

But first, the daycare owner lied to police, and told them she didn’t have any children in her home and they were “at the park.”

It took diligent police officers who were on guard to hear the noises coming from downstairs – and that’s when they discovered the trapped children.

Besides the daycare worker, her employees were arrested too. 

It’s unknown how long these poor children sat in soiled diapers.

Who knows how scared they were, or what further abuse took place.

It’s unconscionable that anyone could think it’s acceptable to abuse or neglect an innocent child.

Children are vulnerable, and they trust adults to keep them safe.

Sadly, this isn’t the first time abuse at a daycare center has occurred.

As Mommy Underground previously reported, one daycare was investigated for tying up babies in blankets, secured with a hair tie, then carelessly placing them face down to sleep.

Or the time toddlers were caught wandering down the road, without workers even knowing they were missing.

And another mom even lost her son as untrained childcare workers put him down for a nap (facedown) and left him alone for 2 hours – returning to find he had died. 

Mommy Underground understands that leaving your precious babies at daycare is hard enough, and it is super expensive, but please try and research every option out there. Being a working mom is stressful enough.

Talk to other moms who have children enrolled and get their feedback.

Make surprise drop-in visits (when they aren’t expecting you) to see what is actually going on.

And of course, verify their licensing. 

In addition, when interviewing potential daycares, ask about the background check policies on their workers.

The worst thing you can do is assume the best – there are just too many examples of negligent daycare workers. 

What are your thoughts on this woman hiding 26 toddlers behind a false wall – leaving them neglected in soiled diapers?

Do you think this woman deserves to lose her license or be in jail?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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