Horrifying Discovery Of Unresponsive Baby Has Parents To Blame

As a parent it should be instinctive to protect your young, not knowing how you would move on if something happened to them.

Occasionally, parents are part of a grotesque scenario where they have ignored the most basic of callings, and allowed their children to meet a grim demise.

Accountability and repercussions should be harsh for such neglect. In Michigan parents are charged with murder as a heartbreaking story unfolds.

Fox News reported:

A Michigan man who, along with his wife, is facing felony murder charges in the death of their 10-month-old daughter, called a lawyer before calling 911 after finding the baby unresponsive in her crib in August, according to a recording played in court Wednesday.”

Who calls their lawyer before seeking help for their child?

A guilty person would certainly do such a thing to try and avoid being held accountable for their actions.

When the negligent father, Seth Welch, finally called 911, the dispatcher asked if his daughter, Mary, was “beyond help” when he discovered she had passed, according to Fox News.

In an apathetic response, Welch said, “Oh yeah. She was dead as a doornail.”

It is hard to imagine using an idiom while relaying that your child just died. Most parents would be so bereaved that they could hardly speak.

Allegedly, Welch and Mary’s mother Tatiana Fusari, 27, starved the child to death, according to Fox 17 of Michigan.

Being withheld food until your body can no longer support it’s organs is a horrible and torturous way to die.

To think a small child underwent such a painful passing by the hand of their parents is beyond appalling.

Kent County Judge Sara Smolenski seems to agree, MLive.om reported:

It is as horrific as it gets. The skeletal-like posture of the child, in my opinion, speaks volumes, for how long the baby was not cared for properly. The 10-month-old baby weighed eight pounds at death.”

While the cause of death seemed apparent by looking at the frail body of Mary, a forensic pathologist confirmed the obvious, saying that she died of “malnutrition associated with dehydration due to neglect of adult caregivers”, according to Fox News.

In a pathetic attempt to shift blame, Welch’s attorney tried to argue that the baby had a metabolic disorder, making it difficult to absorb nutrients.

To counter the bogus claim, the pathologist confirmed that there was no metabolic disease or parasites found in Mary’s body.

It was reported, according to Fox News, that Welch was upset while hearing the 911 call being played in court. The origin of his emotional unrest is up for speculation.

During the call, Welch told the dispatcher that he had put little Mary to bed at 3 in the afternoon, and did not check on her again until 10 in the morning the following day.

It is not normal for anyone to leave a baby unattended for 19 hours!

When Welch decided to check on his baby, she was not breathing, and that is when he thought to call his attorney.

The attorney was reported by Welch saying that the police shouldn’t be called until he got there.

So, Welch’s response to his hour and a half delayed 911 call was that he “was waiting on legal counsel”, reports Fox News.

In another alarming revelation, after the dispatcher asked how he was “holding up”, according to Fox News, Welch replied, “You know, just another day. It is what it is.”

It is not just another day when you outlive your child. It is a sad day that should make you question everything; but instead Welch is unamused by the day’s proceedings.

Trying to justify not seeking care for the child who had obviously been malnourished for an extended period of time, they claimed to have not sought out medical attention for “religious reasons”, reports Fox News.

There is no religion that recommends allowing your child to be neglected and starved to death, while you go about your day as usual.

Fusari said to the authorities upon questioning that she breastfed Mary before going to work the day before she died, but did not feed nor check on her again until after she had died.

Wouldn’t you hear your daughter crying, suffering, pleading in the only way a baby knows how to for you to comfort her while she starved?

The home where poor Mary took her last breath was abound in flies and mice feces, and limited in food when checked by authorities.

It is unfathomable why Welch and Fusari would become parents, when they obviously should have given any children they had up for adoption.

We are deeply saddened by the short and tormented life Mary lived. Welch and Fusari do not deserve to be bestowed the privileged title of parents.

Hopefully, Mary’s older sister is immediately removed from the home, and Welch and Fusari are convicted of murder as they should be, with the harshest penalty.

Please let us know in the comments section what you think of Welch and Fusari’s actions, and how someone could do something like that.






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