How Much Worse Can It Get? You’re About to Find Out

We’ve reached a sad state in our society and a frightening reality that things will continue to get so far out of hand that we’ll reach the point of no return.

The progressive agenda has infiltrated our culture so deeply that gender is meaningless, sexuality is fluid, and no one is off limits from this propaganda – including children.

In fact, it has gotten so out of control that you won’t believe who’s being targeted next or how sickening the agenda is becoming.

Most of our nation’s public colleges and universities are becoming notoriously liberal.  Their philosophy is that young adults should be groomed to join the progressive agenda by cementing the indoctrination during their secondary education.

College classes are expanding on the propaganda taught beginning in elementary school and spread by the media, and many professors are coming up with new ways to teach the “new normal.”

There appears there is no line they won’t cross, however, when we look into a course being taught on “Psychology and Sexual Behavior” at the University of North Texas.

Sure, sexuality may be an important aspect of a psychology curriculum because it can be helpful when those who go into the mental health or medical professions are working to treat victims of rape, sexual abuse, or other related issues.

But there is no reason or rationale for what is being taught in one of the university’s courses.

This psychology class is taking a look at infant and preschool sexuality.  You read that right – infant and preschool.

The first two discussion topics listed in the course syllabus include: “Discuss examples that demonstrate how infants of both sexes are born with the capacity for sexual pleasure and response,” and “Discuss common features of sexual development that occur during childhood, including discussion of the responses of parents and other adult caregivers,” as shared by The College Fix.

So not only is rampant sexual activity being accepted for teens and young adults out of wedlock in every aspect of society, now they’re trying to teach that infants and young children are sexual beings.

But wait – it gets even more sickening.

The course relies heavily on a textbook entitled, Our Sexuality, and includes a disturbing idea in one of the lesson plans included in the Instructor’s Guide.

The suggested activity is for students to travel to a daycare, preschool, elementary school, or playground in order to observe the interactions of young children.

This might be understandable if this was a child psychology course in which parents were notified that their children were being observed in regard to normal childhood development.

It becomes unbelievable when the reason for the trip is to observe the sexual interactions of children from infancy to kindergarten.

Big League Politics reported that some of the discussion questions for the “field trip” include:

Ask students to note interactions between same-sex and mixed-sex groups. Which group was more frequent? Which behaviors were most frequent? What kind of touching did children engage in? What about teasing behaviors? Were there any overtly sexual interactions?

In a world where everything is twisted and skewed to destroy the innocence and value of childhood, now our college students are being taught that the most innocent of interactions between young children are sexual in nature.

Teasing, holding hands, pulling a girl’s ponytail, or playing tag?  Not typical childhood behaviors anymore, but sexual stimuli, according to the textbook.

And the worst part is that the lesson plans make no mention of notifying the parents of children at these schools and daycares, although there is a notation about asking permission from the school administration itself.

The original editors of the textbook have stated that they were not involved in many of the recent revisions to the original book.  One has since passed away, but another original editor states that she had no hand in writing anything pertaining to these “field trips” in the Instructor’s Guide.

The book’s current editor, Laura Widman, a professor at North Carolina State, told The College Fix that she has never assigned a trip of this nature, nor heard of another professor who has.

For her part, Widman thinks the idea of the “child sexuality field trip” should be removed as a suggested activity.

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But that doesn’t dismiss the fact that this shocking ideology is still out there in print for another professor to use at his or her “discretion.”

In fact, the current course instructor at the University of North Texas declined comment after repeated attempts to contact her by The College Fix, and the university’s spokesperson said they do not comment on textbooks used by the school.

Why is it becoming acceptable to not only sexualize children, but now even infants and toddlers?

Retailers are selling obscene products that blatantly sexualize the youngest of the young and the media encourages it at every turn by turning kids into sexual beings in print and on television.

It is unbelievable that this aspect of a college course is even acceptable, no matter how progressive the university culture has become.

It leads us to wonder why observing children in a sexual context for a college course is not considered child pornography.

It’s time for our society to leave children to be children and end this dangerous trend.

What do you think of this college course that examines sexual behavior in children as young as infancy?  Do you think this course should be removed from the University of North Texas’ curriculum?  Leave us your comments.