How To Be There For Friends In Need, Even When It’s Uncomfortable

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At some time or another we will have someone ask for support, either directly or indirectly.

Assisting a friend with whether to go with a-line skirts, or pencil skirts is easy, but then there are the moments they reveal they are in the middle of an abusive relationship and we are speechless.

Hearing about trauma in the life of someone we care about is difficult. This naturally causes people to be standoffish, but tough news shouldn’t be a reason to back away.

We hear stories way too often in the news about tragedies that may have been able to be prevented if people asked the hard questions in the midst of turmoil.

Just recently, we have the heartbreaking story of the Watts family in Colorado, where the dad killed his wife and three children, two daughters and one unborn son.

Close friends reported that the seemingly happy couple were having marital problems for a while.

It’s often thought that marital problems are nobody else’s business, and that it may be better to not give out unwanted advice.

Extending our support to a friend or loved one doesn’t have to mean telling them what to do, there are so many more ways to help.

Thankfully, we can help navigate the rocky terrain of when and how to give support to friends when they need you most.

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