How To Have The Best Summer Sleepovers For Your Kids

School is out, and summer is here; which means for months your kids are going to be asking for activities to entertain themselves.

When all of the water balloons are popped and family vacation is over, next on the list is friends, friends, and more friends.

Especially when your child reaches the tween years, hanging out with friends becomes a necessity, right up there with going to the mall and updating your status.

So, what does every girl want to do on summer weekends? Sleepovers, of course!

Staying up late gossiping, talking about boys, and playing with makeup while eating junk food is a timeless tradition.

As a mom, when you agree to a sleepover, you kind of expect a night like you had during your slumber party years.

To make sure you keep the girls indoors, safe and sound, while maintaining your sanity from the incessant giggling, there are a few old school games you can introduce.

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Try to explain, and promote, the games before the guests arrive, because you know how easily embarrassed young girls are.

Plus, if the games are brought up by the host daughter then they may be more appealing than a mom saying they are “cool.”

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