Incredible: Two Parents Both In A Wheelchair Shatter Stereotypes In How To Raise A Child

Photo by Hans Moerman on Unsplash


Raising a baby can be tough – especially when one of the parents has a disability.

But for this new family of three – BOTH mom and dad spend most of their time in a wheelchair, and while they’ve had to adapt they are thriving at raising their little girl!

Shattering the stereotype that those with disabilities can’t be parents – this couple shares an inside look on how they live life raising a baby – while spending most of their time in a wheelchair.

The mom has arthrogryposis, a congenital joint condition which forces her to spend most of her time in a wheelchair and her partner has cerebral palsy.

These circumstances can make day-to-day life a challenge in itself, and being a parent seem almost impossible.

And of course, the doctors were not helpful telling the couple they’ll never be able to conceive.

Many people with disabilities are told the same line…

…but time and time again they prove the doctors wrong!

After all, it is God who is the Author of life – not doctors!

And doctors are often wrong.

So when this couple found out they were pregnant – they were naturally shocked but joyful!

The new mama refuses to let her personal disability stop her from being a good mom and shared the creative way she cares for her little one.

Parents reported:

“Because she has limited mobility with her arms and hands, Villavicencio uses her feet to do everything, she says, including cooking and taking care of her daughter. “I don’t use my hands at all.” Instead, she eats, types, writes, and has even changed her daughter’s diapers with her feet.

She also has food appliances, such as a microwave, on the floor in their kitchen. “I didn’t stand in the kitchen with my mom making food with her when I was a kid growing up, so I didn’t even get exposed to some of the things that other adults would have by the time they were my age. Nobody teaches you how to cook with your feet.”

Wow! Talk about resilient!

She could have acted helpless and unable to do anything, but instead she used her own body in a resourceful way to care for her baby.

This rockstar mom went on to say how others around the country reach out to her for support and encouragement, as they often feel embarrassed to reach out to people they know for fear of being labeled “unable” to handle life.

She is able to use her life as a living example that one can overcome the odds!

This incredible story shows the power of two adults who refuse to be labeled by a stereotype.

Instead, they are embracing life and giving their daughter the best life she can possibly have.

Cheers to this shining couple who is showing the world how it’s done!

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