Inner-City School Kids Just Received The Greatest Gift Of All

Congratulations! As a mom, you just survived another back to school frenzy!

You may have enjoyed shopping for new school supplies and seeing the excitement on your child’s face as they selected a shiny new deluxe binder or brand-new colored pencils for the school year.

But some families endure a massive amount of stress during this season, as they aren’t able to afford basic items for their children, and this burden crushes the spirits of children everywhere, until now.

Imagine the pain of not being able to provide for your child.

Seeing them struggle and go without because you are unable to buy them supplies.

Understanding the embarrassment they will feel as they are forced to use tattered old supplies, unlike their classmates who are enjoying their new shiny pencils.

Sadly, this is a reality many families face.

And typically, in the inner cities, groups of families who are below the poverty line cluster together, and are used to going without.

They simply don’t have the resources to buy their children school supplies.

But the goal shouldn’t be to pity those who have not, it should be to empower them.

It’s amazing how a little bit of encouragement can truly transform lives.

Because at the end of the day, families who are struggling need more than backpacks full of school supplies.

They need to know they are loved and accepted by Jesus, and that He has the power to restore lives that are broken.

Which is why the work of Cru Inner City is so powerful.

This Christian organization is going into the inner city, and providing “power packs” stocked full of supplies for children who are without.

But not only are they providing supplies, they are connecting families to churches!

This is the winning combination – providing and taking care of physical needs WHILE sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The Christian Post reported:

“The scope of poverty in the inner city is complex and overwhelming,” Aaron Robertson of Cru Inner City recently explained, adding that his organization works to show “God’s heart for the poor.”

Robertson said that there are an estimated 100,000 kids in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area alone who won’t have the needed resources when they start the school year.

The Power Packs don’t only connect kids to much-needed resources, but they also bring churches and families together to create lasting and transformational relationships — something that pastors involved in the project believe is essential.

Being able to tangibly provide physical supplies, and point parents to Christ is going to change the entire family dynamic.

The cycle of poverty often gets passed down from generation to generation, and government dependence keeps people trapped.

But getting to know the Creator of the Universe in an intimate way, has the power to break any cycle of poverty of addiction.

And as it turns out, this program is having massive spiritual effects.

The Christian Post continued:

“We are so thankful and grateful to God for Inner City Cru to be able to help our organization,” Bishop Harding Smith of Spiritual Church of God said in a touching video about Cru Inner City’s work. “We have seen God working where the parents now — they’re not just bringing the kids to come and receive these school supplies — but they’re also bringing them to worship, getting them to know God.”

If these parents come to know Christ, they can then raise their children to believe in Jesus.

This remarkable program is truly having an eternal impact.

What are your thoughts on providing “power packs” to low-income families in the inner city?

Do you agree that this program combined with the Gospel has the power to change lives?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

If you are interested in making a donation to CRU to help support their backpack campaign, you can check them out here.

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