Is This Company Going To Keep Its Promise To American Families? You Be The Judge

Progressive propaganda has sadly become a major focus for corporations that bring us our entertainment.

From major networks, to Hollywood film studios, to online media platforms, the majority of these companies are owned by liberally-biased officers and run by employees who censor conservative content.

It seems a paradox, then, that one corporate tech giant wants to bring back programming that can be enjoyed by the whole family.

Amazon, Netflix, and Hulu all offer streaming services to American households as an alternative to cable and major network programming.

Nearly all of the content is created to further the left’s progressive agenda, and next to none of it is family-friendly.

Mommy Underground has extensively reported on the disturbing content promoted by and has called for families to boycott the service.

Now, notoriously liberal corporate giant, Apple, is introducing their own streaming service, available in March of 2019.

But here’s the kicker.

Apple CEO, Tim Cook, has been rejecting any content that contains overt violence, sex, profanity, and references to drug use.

Cook took the reins at Apple in 2011, following the death of founder Steve Jobs.

According to Conservapedia, Cook is a major supporter of the LGBT agenda, has been vocal about his opposition to President Trump, and donated to both the Obama and Clinton presidential campaigns.

In fact, he is openly homosexual and one of the only corporate CEO’s to make his sexual orientation a focal point of his public persona.

So what is going on here?

The shift to a family-centric streaming service came to light when Cook decided Apple would not air the show Vital Signs about the life of entertainer Dr. Dre.

The content of the show included violence, drug use, and a heavy focus on immoral sexual acts (in Cook’s words, an “orgy”).

The move came as a surprise because Apple had partnered with Dre in the past in a multi-million- dollar venture to promote Dre’s headphones, Beats by Dr. Dre.

Other shows on Cook’s chopping block included one on the #metoo movement by liberal comedian Whitney Cummings, cut for its “sensitive subject matter.”

Others were revised to be more appropriate for families, including one by horror director M. Night Shyamalan and a comedy with Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston.

In fact, Cook says there will be no programming featuring sex and violence.

“Creatives have been told that violence or gratuitous nudity is not what Apple’s seeks, and a lot of the decisions on what will fly are reportedly being aligned to Cook’s personal tastes.”

Apple is sinking a whopping one billion dollars into the new streaming service, in an apparent attempt to draw in their main demographic to the new platform – families with children, who purchase millions of dollars a year worth of their products.

The move is surprising, to say the least, but offers some hope for a light at the end of the tunnel of offensive and immoral content that comprises the majority of our entertainment options.

Perhaps Cook, like the rest of us, is sick and tired of the foundation of decency in our nation crumbling.

Perhaps it is just a marketing strategy.  With Cook’s personal and political views, one has to wonder.

But for now, if he’s serious about changing the tide of moral decay in America today, we’re willing to give him the benefit of the doubt.

Cook has even drawn fire from his own employees at Apple who say the service will be uninteresting without any kind of shock value.  They’re going so far as to accuse their boss of censorship.

It seems the shoe is on the other foot now since conservative content in the media is almost overwhelmingly censored by corporate tech giants.

Fortune magazine reported on Apple’s history as researched by the conservative organization 2ndVote, who rates companies for the American consumer on how liberal they are.  When rating corporate giants like Amazon and Google, Apple came in last:

In every metric 2ndVote considers, including gun rights, the environment, marriage, life, and immigration, among others, Apple scored a one.

In the marriage measure, for instance, Apple was cited for supporting same-sex marriage. The site also gave Apple low marks for being a corporate supporter of Center for American Progress, “a liberal think tank” that “supports abortion as an equal right for women.”  There’s even a button on the site said to direct site visitors to e-mail Apple CEO Tim Cook directly.

While we are thrilled that someone is finally seeing that families do not want to be exposed to the moral decay and propaganda that most companies shove at us, it is hard to understand why Apple is making clean programming such a high priority.

We certainly cannot agree with Cook’s personal and political affiliations, but whatever the case, we hope that Apple is serious about the decision to bring quality programming to American households.

There are very few options available these days, and other streaming services, particularly Netflix, are so obviously left-wing that many families are boycotting the company.

Could this be what Cook fears for Apple?  If so, he’s right on the money because traditional families are ready and willing to subscribe to a service that offers what he is promising.

Mommy Underground will keep you updated on the launch of Apple’s streaming service and how viewers respond to the lineup.

What do you think of Tim Cook’s promise to keep Apple’s new streaming service family-friendly?  Leave us your thoughts.




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