Knowing The Right Approach To Toddler Discipline

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Having a toddler is an exhilarating journey of love, understanding, and self-discovery as your limits are tested on a daily basis.

There are times when you feel that addressing a behavior is futile, like when your child empties their dresser for the hundredth time.

You won’t be able to halt the “inquisitive twos”, but with a little change in perspective and approach, you can make them much easier to deal with; hopefully coming out with your faculties in check.

Many parents worry that the behavior their child elicits when they are two is permanent, that they will go through the rest of their life taking toys and swatting their foes.

This is not the case. While we can’t stand idly by while our child runs rampant, chances are they will grow out of those wild antics.

Disciplining is one of the toughest parts of parenting for sure, and can lead to some of the most frustrating moments between you and your child, but keeping on top of it is best for all in the long run.

There are three areas where setting rules and delivering consequences is necessary, according to Parents, “engaging in behavior that’s aggressive (hitting and biting), dangerous (running out in the street), and inappropriate (throwing food).”

Follow these tips when you encounter one of these criteria for discipline, and get out of the endless cycle of toddler defiance.

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