Late-Dad’s Letter To His Baby Boy Will Touch You To The Core

Death is one of those things none of us can escape, and when it actually happens to those we love, the pain is unbearable.

And when one woman met the man of her dreams and then lost her fiancé unexpectedly, she was devastated, especially since they had a young son together.

However, nearly 7 month later while in her son’s room, this mom found the most incredible gift tucked away on a bookshelf that her late-fiancé’ left for his son.

Sadly, this little boy lost his father right before his 1st birthday.

He would never get to experience the father/son bonding activities, like playing catch in the backyard or building a treehouse together.

His dad would never see him graduate college, or get married.

And being so young, this little boy would have little to no memories of his beloved father.

But thanks to the thoughtfulness of this dad, he left something to his son that he is bound to cherish forever.

Unknown to this mom, her fiancé had bought a journal for dads to answer questions and write letters to their children.

This journal was tucked away, but its contents were truly a hidden gift.

And as she flipped through the pages of this journal and stumbled upon the question “How do you want future generations of your family to remember you?”, his sweet and kind answer will move you to tears.

Parents reported:

“That’s a hard question to answer,” his answer reads. “I want to be remembered as a good man who had his shortcomings and demons early in life. But after he got things together, he was a(n) honest, hardworking person who loved to laugh and love, [was] never afraid to lend a helping hand to whoever needed it. A man that had a good family that he loved and would do anything for.”

While it is still sad this little boy will never get to really know his father, he will still grow up to know without a shadow of a doubt he was loved by his father.

And this sweet insight into his father’s heart, written in his handwriting is truly something irreplaceable.

Other moms and dads have started similar ideas, journaling questions and answers for their children to read someday.

After all, think about the questions you always wanted to ask a loved one, that you never got to ask.

Don’t you wish it was written down for you to read?

While we can’t change the past, you can commit to start a similar practice for your child.

So moms, consider mirroring this thoughtful act and starting to document life, or even write down important information.

Each year you can write a letter to your child reminiscing about the past year, and of course, letting them know how much you love them.

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Someday when you’re gone, your little one will grow up to cherish this special gift, that is truly irreplaceable.

You can even encourage your child to write in the journal about things they’ve learned over the years.

Having such a treasure that truly surpasses all time will be one of the most valuable gifts you can leave this earth.

What are your thoughts on this dad’s hidden journal to his son?

Have you ever considered writing or creating a journal for your children to have?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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