Leave These Things Behind In The New Year

Congrats mamas, you’ve made it through another year!

And if you’re like most moms, you still have a list of things left undone, goals not achieved, and anxiety about the new year.

But if you’re looking to bring in the new year right, there are some crucial things you must leave behind!

Choose this year to start off 2019 the right way, and leave these 4 things behind right now:

  1. Grudges: We know – sometimes in a twisted way it almost feels good to hold on to anger and resentment against someone who wronged us.

The righteous indignation of “I’ll never let THAT person near me again” can creep up and harden our hearts, whether we realize it or not.

But let’s face it – holding resentment or grudges against someone else is only hurting us.

Sure, we may have been wronged by someone deeply.

And the last thing we want to do is let go of that angst.

But learning to forgive the person and move on past the hurt will help lessen your emotional load from this year.

Even better, it might help heal the wound in your heart.

However please remember forgiving does not mean reconciliation, sometimes it’s best to part ways with people who are toxic.

  1. People Pleasing: Moms, let’s face it – we are all guilty of this!

We say “yes” to everything from volunteering to teach Sunday School, to hosting a birthday party for the neighbors.

And we do this because we don’t want to let others down, or we know there is a need we can meet.

But the more we say “yes” to things, the more burned out we feel.

Not that it’s bad to help, or serve, but the important thing is to pray and reflect on where you are called to serve right now.

What has served you in the past, may not be the direction your life is taking you this year.

And a hint if you’re wondering what to do first– it’s not to say yes to everything!

Try picking a few areas to serve, and say no to the rest.

Remember – no is an answer – and don’t feel guilty for speaking up!

  1. Unrealistic Goals: It’s great to have ambitious goals and strive for improvements in life.

But sometimes the goals we set aren’t only lofty, they aren’t even realistic!

Want to lose 20lbs? That’s a great goal!

Plan to do it in 1 month?

Mama, you are just setting yourself up for failure!

And the worst part is, when we set goals we don’t achieve, we beat ourselves up for not meeting them, and then we get even more discouraged, and sometimes even eventually give up.

Remember the key for goals is setting SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, And Time-bound).

Use this technique when setting goals for a fresh start, and you’ll knock ‘em out of the park!

  1. Other People’s Drama: We all get sucked into it, even if we try and avoid it.

From the town gossip who just has to tell you about what she saw (or think she did) down the street, to your old aunt who asks prodding questions only to spread around your business.

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It can be tough to avoid, but in the new year make an effort to avoid getting sucked into gossip.

Besides the fact that most of it isn’t true, all it does is create a cycle of negativity and disgrace.

If you are faced with a gossip head on, try changing the subject, say something positive about the person who is being slandered, or simply walk away.

One of the best parts about a new year is another chance to get it right!

So have fun ringing in 2019, and makes sure to leave the negative habits and traits from 2018 behind where they belong!

What are you looking to leave behind from this year?

Do you have any aspirations or goals for 2019?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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