Left-Wing Governor’s Actions Allow A Shocking Scenario To Unfold

As the 2018 Congressional midterm elections approach, liberal propaganda is rising to a fevered pitch.

And those of us who value our Constitutional rights and traditional values are fighting to elect conservative champions in November.

But one shocking and dangerous candidate for Congress is working to further his sickening personal agenda, thanks to a little help from a left-wing former governor.

Nathan Larson is running as an Independent for Congress in Virginia’s 10th District.

But Larson is a convicted felon and openly admits he’s a pedophile.

He is a white supremacist, believes that rape (including incestuous rape by a father against his daughter) is acceptable because women should be controlled by men, and is a self-proclaimed racist – and it gets worse from there.

So how could he possibly be allowed to run for office, especially with a record?

Well, in 2016, then-Governor Terry McAuliffe – a liberal Democrat — restored the voting rights of 13,000 convicted felons.

While stating that the decision was made to “ensure our fellow citizens are not marginalized forever,” the reason was clear:  McAuliffe wanted to secure these predominantly Democrat voters to vote for Hillary Clinton as president.

The reason for Larson’s conviction?  He made a public statement that he wanted to kill former-President George W. Bush, and also made threats against former-President Barack Obama.

And yet he is free and running for Congress.

He was also the founder of several websites allowing pedophiles to discuss child rape and admitted he would choke and rape his ex-wife.  She committed suicide and he then remarried.

Larson has compiled an extensive – and disgusting – political manifesto as his “campaign platform.”

And what is truly frightening is the left will use him as a propaganda piece about the dangers of conservative values because he supports such issues as gun rights, border security, and free trade.

Far from a conservative who believes in traditional values, his manifesto is vulgar, offensive, and shocking.  In fact, most of it is too obscene to include here.

From Nathan Larson’s online “campaign manifesto:”

I, Nathan Larson, hereby announce my candidacy as a quasi-neoreactionary libertarian in Virginia’s 10th congressional district election, 2018. As Representative, my main agenda will be (1) stopping the war on drugs, (2) protecting gun ownership rights, and (3) putting an end to U.S. involvement in foreign wars arising from our country’s alliance with Israel. I will also restore (4) benevolent white supremacy, (5) private borders, (6) patriarchy, (7) freedom of speech, (8) freedom from age restrictions, (9) suicide rights, (10) jury trial rights, (11) discrimination rights, and (12) free trade. 

Larson’s manifesto reads like the ravings of a madman, and with the current divided political climate, it is extremely disturbing that someone ignorant of the issues or disillusioned with politics-as-usual may actually cast their vote for him.

In addition to his other shocking statements, he calls Hitler a “white supremacist hero” and has a disgusting take on the murder case of O.J. Simpson.  From Larson’s manifesto:

An example of how feminism adversely affects black-led families may be seen in the O. J. Simpson “murder” case. Simpson was merely trying to use a reasonable amount of force to correct his wife’s misbehavior, but the police intervened to stop him, in response to her 911 calls. Prohibited in this manner from keeping discipline and order in his family, Simpson had to resort to the use of a blade to end his marriage in a way that wouldn’t leave him vulnerable to losing half his property and custody of his kids in divorce proceedings. In this way, Simpson protected his kids from having to be exposed to their mother’s immoral behavior, and taught them by example how men have a right to respond to wives who are flagrantly disrespecting, or otherwise displeasing, them; or who have generally become more of a liability than an asset to have around.

He says, “Like every other human being, I am indeed racist,” and believes all drugs should be legalized to “[make] available reliable and peaceful means of suicide for those who need them.”

Though it is highly unlikely Larson could win Virginia’s District 10 seat, it is alarming that he could even be on the ballot.  However frightening and unthinkable, he has collected the signatures necessary to do so.

This is a man who should still be in prison, but he was released after only 16 months of incarceration and then had his voting rights – and, therefore, his right to run for public office – restored by a left-wing governor.

Those who reside in Virginia should be warned about how unstable this “candidate” is.  And those around the rest of the country should take heed at what has been allowed to happen due to the actions of a progressive elected official using his power to further a radical agenda.

What do you think of the actions of former Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe that allows a madman like Nathan Larson to run for public office?  What do you think of his shockingly lenient sentence?  Leave us your thoughts.

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