Leftist “Educational Series” Teaches Children More Than 100 Different Genders Exist 

In the left’s latest attempt to pervert and confuse our children – a new curriculum series launched teaching children more than 100 different genders exist.

As if young children aren’t confused enough with “transgender” ceremonies taking place inside their classrooms – this latest lie seeks to officially push children over the edge.

After all, how is a child supposed to recover after being taught to believe there are over 100 different “genders” in the world?

The latest pro-LGBT propaganda is being peddled by BBC and is supposedly only able to be viewed in the UK – at least for now.

This series includes 9 sessions – including one titled “understanding sexual and gender identities” which is designed for children ages 9-12.

Proponents of this series claim upon completion of the videos, children will learn to answer questions in a “balanced way.”

BBC’s latest website “Teach” claims the children are asking questions to “trusted” adults and lists the following questions covered in the series:

  • What does stereotypes mean?
  • What’s the difference between sex and gender?
  • What are the different gender identities?
  • What do you think transgender means?
  • When do people feel like they want to change gender?
  • Why are there so many letters in LGBTQ?
  • Does everyone have a sexual orientation?
  • Why are some people gay or lesbian?
  • Do you have any friends that are gay or lesbian?

The disturbing video linked below shows a group of schoolchildren sitting in a classroom asking questions like “What are the different gender identities?” with a radical leftist teacher eager to respond to his question with her LGBT propaganda.

In fact, according to The Christian Institute, some of the teachers in the video include a “transgender” who was born a female but now “identifies” as a man” – as well as other teachers who are directly pushing their lifestyles onto the children.

The Christian Institute reported:

“When asked what the different gender identities are, a Relationships and Sex Education teacher said: “There are so many gender identities.

“So we know we’ve got male and female, but there are over 100, if not more, gender identities now.”

She added: “You’ve got some people who might call themselves gender queer, who are just like ‘I don’t really want to be anything in particular, I’m just going to be me.’”

And if we think this kind of thing can’t happen in the USA – guess again.

Mommy Underground previously reported that although sex offenders were already caught reading stories during “drag queen” story hour to children – libraries are still debating if a “drag queen” previous sex offender should automatically be excluded from being around children.

And let’s not forget our schools endorsing “transgender” showers and bathrooms.

The attack on the innocence of our children is unconscionable – and with schools turning more and more extreme – many parents are fighting back with their own protests –or are simply choosing to homeschool their children.

For a grown “trusted” adult, to mislead an innocent 9-year old child into believing there are over 100 genders is truly shameful. 

Radical LGBT activists need to stop digging their claws into our young children and filling their minds with perverted deceptive lies. 

Below is a small clip of the radical video being taught to children. 

What are your thoughts on the latest BBC series teaching children more than 100 different genders exist?

Do you agree the LGBT agenda has taken things too far, yet again?

Tell us your thoughts and write out your message in the comments below! 

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