LGBT Activist Makes A Shocking Announcement

Liberals want you to think that they are the sane ones and that their support for the LGBT community is only natural.

We know that to be far from the truth. Natural is when the species can survive. It is heterosexuality.

One can fight the way they were perfectly designed, but the conflict and turmoil that ensues from the opposition can’t be overcome forever.

That is why there are cases of individuals who claim a life of homosexuality, or a life as a transgender, but then turn away from it when they realize it was not the answer they were hoping it would be.

An activist for the LGBT community from Uganda used to claim to be a lesbian but has since changed her life, and reunited with her parents.

Activist Mommy reported:

The LGBT community is struggling with how to address a stunning confession from a prominent lesbian activist after she came clean on her Facebook page that she has now turned away from what she called the “sin” of a same-sex lifestyle.”

What an amazing turn of events!

Being gay, the LGBT community likes to say, has nothing to do with the immense social pressure put on people when they are confused about their feelings.

When the tables turn, however, the left is quick to put blame on heterosexual or religious influence.

The facts do not support this irrational finger-pointing. Propaganda from the LGBT community is forced on people of all ages in our society, almost more than any other agenda.

Even children aren’t free from the claws of the unrelenting left.

One liberal journalist even showed disdain when a kid decided that she was not transgender like she had thought, as previously reported on Mommy Underground.

Val Kalende is a career journalist, born a “preacher’s kid” in a Christian home.

In 2007 she left her job writing for the Ugandan newspaper Daily Monitor to pursue a life of LGBT activism, according to Activist Mommy.

Kalende then took to the front lines of many pro-gay organizations to include, Freedom and Roam Uganda, Sexual Minorities Uganda, and the Dignity Initiative.

In 2014, Uganda passed legislation that made being homosexual illegal, according to Life Site News, which led Kalende to become a refugee in Canada in 2015.

During this time, something began to work inside Kalende that made her reconsider her lifestyle.

Activist Mommy reports on Kalende’s description of her journey from lesbian to believer in Christ:

I joined lesbianism right after Makerere University. I’m born of Christian parents. All of them cut their ties with me for being gay. I became an orphan,” she explained, according to Edge’s English translation of her remarks. But “I became rebellious. We always wondered why the world forced us to become girls who do not love men […] Right now, I have no peace of mind. I sometimes break down and cry wondering why am like this. I’m now back home and have been saved.”

The transformed Uganda native offers her support on Facebook to others who are struggling with same-sex attraction, and to parents who are suffering with their children’s choices.

It is not surprising that LGBT supporters were not compassionate towards the realization of living a sinful life.

LGBT activist Dr. Stella Nyanzi said that Kalende could “relapse” and turn lesbian again at any moment, according to Life Site News.

Continuing to say, that it could be “dangerous” religion’s “tenterhooks” that are to blame for the conversion.

Hemant Mehta of the Friendly Atheist criticized the genuine nature of Kalende’s actions, implying that she only said she wasn’t a lesbian due to “social pressure.”

Much of the LGBT community tries to purport that being gay is something that you are born with, and as such, you cannot turn un-gay.

This invalidated opinion has no basis in empirical evidence, and recent research and history prove the opposite to be true.

Published in AIOUSA, Dr. Lisa Diamond, a lesbian activist herself, reports on the realities of being born homosexual:

“I feel as a community, the queers have to stop saying, ‘Please help us. We’re born this way, and we can’t change’ as an argument for legal standing. I don’t think we need that argument, we know that there’s enough data out there, that the other side is aware of as much as we are aware of it.” In other words, Dr. Diamond says, “Stop saying ‘born that way and can’t change’ for political purposes, because the other side knows it’s not true as much as we do.”

At least Dr. Diamond is not denying, like most of the LGBT community, that alternative lifestyles are a choice.

Living an immoral life is not something that someone just wakes up and realizes they want to do, it takes a conscious choice.

Just as it takes a conscious choice to leave a life of sin and start fresh.

Homosexuals are praised in the media for making the “courageous” choice of being open about their lustful desires, but the real courage is being open about your struggles, seeking help, and not falling victim to temptation.

Please let us know in the comments section what you think about Kalende’s brave journey.




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