Liberal Star Claims Her Multiple Abortions Made Her Life Joyful And Successful

Abortion is truly the crisis of our time – as millions of unborn babies continue to be slaughtered by cruel abortionists with no regard for human life.

Even though pro-aborts try and spin abortion as simply “healthcare” – the latest remarks from one liberal star on her “joyful” abortions are sure to infuriate you.

And once you hear the reasons she finds abortion to be the best choice – you’ll get an inside look at the real motive fueling the abortion debate. 

To those of us who value life – we know a baby is a life at conception – period.

There is no debate, and every human life must be protected and fought for.

We also know abortion not only harms the baby, but takes both a physical and emotional toll on women.

Some women even have irreversible consequences, like one woman who will never have kids after she survived a botched abortion. 

It’s not empowering for a woman to end the life of her unborn baby, and many women who get abortions turn to regret it down the road and are full of sorrow.

But a dangerous new trend is sweeping the media lying to women and making them believe it is somehow empowering for a woman to “make the choice” to end the life of her baby.

Alyssa Milano is on the front lines of the abortion debate and recently boasted about her abortions on her podcast titled “Sorry Not Sorry.”

Admitting she had two abortions in 1993, she showed no remorse or regret for having murdered her unborn babies.

Instead, she did the opposite.

Milano actually went on to say if she hadn’t ended the life of her unborn babies, she wouldn’t be as joyful and successful as she is today.

She rambled on how being pregnant before she was “ready” was conflicting to her “career” and potential. 

Admitting being sexually active and on the pill, she claimed getting pregnant and having the decision to end her baby’s life was “empowering” since her Catholic upbringing only allowed men to make decisions. 

Hollywood Reporter stated:

“I still got pregnant,” she said. “It was devastating. I was raised Catholic and was suddenly put in conflict with my faith — a faith I was coming to realize empowered only men to make every single decision of what was allowed and what was not allowed. I had a career and a future and potential.”

But Milano didn’t stop there.

She got pregnant a second time, and then went on to say ending her baby’s life was all about “freedom.”

Hollywood Reporter continued:

“I would not have my career. I would not have the ability or platform I use to fight against oppression with all my heart,” she continued. “I would never have met my amazing husband, David, whose steadfast and immeasurable love for me sustains me through these terrifying times.”

“Fifteen years after that first love had fizzled, my life would be completely lacking all its great joys,” she said. “I would never had been free to be myself — and that’s what this fight is all about: freedom.”

But that is a lie.

A woman does not need to slaughter her unborn baby to be successful and free.

It is not empowering for a woman to end the life of an unborn baby – who never gets the chance to be free and grow up and make their mark on the world.

Abortion is one of the most oppressive things a woman can do.

As Hollywood lies to girls and tries to persuade them that abortion is empowering and free, pro-lifers must continue to fight the battle and proclaim the truth on how crippling abortion really is.

Pro-aborts may continue to promote abortion as it is something good – but pro-lifers can take heart and know we are on the right side of this war. 

What are your thoughts on Alyssa Milano claiming her abortions helped her be more successful and joyful?

Why do you think Hollywood continues to lie to young girls?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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