Library Board Debates Allowing Sex Offenders Read To Young Children 

As library “drag queen” story hours continue to pick up steam around the country, conservatives and concerned parents everywhere are sounding the alarm.

The antics are getting more and more drastic – from allowing children to give grown men dollar bills to forgoing background checks for those who are around children.

But one library has taken it even further – and is actually contemplating if sex offenders should be allowed to read to children.

What should be a “no brainer” is being debated as some members of the library board who want the “freedom” to define what a sex offender actually is.

The board generally agreed that screening those who read to children would be appropriate – but weren’t in agreement with automatically prohibiting sex offenders from being around children. 

LifeSite News reported:

During a board meeting this week, members largely agreed on screening prospective presenters against the registry, but some argued that a conviction shouldn’t be an automatic disqualifier, depending on the circumstances.

Jonathan Winkler argued for allowing the “flexibility to work around” situations where what’s illegal in one state may not be elsewhere, such as consensual, adult same-sex relations (some states still have their old anti-sodomy laws on the books, but they cannot be enforced due to the U.S. Supreme Court’s 2003 Lawrence v. Texas ruling).”

This bogus attempt to justify allowing sexual predators access to children opens up a dangerous loophole for other states to follow. 

Once it is discovered a sexual predator has access to children – immediate action should be taken to protect the children – whatever it takes.

The “drag queen” story time at libraries has truly crossed into a dangerous point of no return.

Mommy Underground reported extensively on the “drag queen” saga and the way the LGBT community continues to exploit the most vulnerable members in society.

From targeting those with special needs to exploiting children – this obsession with “tolerance” has got to stop.

In fact, it turned out that sex offenders not once, but twice, had access to children.

And now, to think grown adults would even vaguely consider allowing sex offenders to be around children is unconscionable. 

Adults are supposed to protect children from predators.

Instead, these reckless adults are doing the opposite by even entertaining the possibility of predators to have access to children.

This latest stunt shows just how far LGBT activists are willing to go to push their agenda of “tolerance.”

They are more concerned with their leftist agenda than protecting innocent children.

Our children need adults who have their safety in mind, and who have a sound mind to make clear decisions with wisdom.

Instead, it appears our libraries are more concerned about promoting a certain agenda than protecting our children.

What are your thoughts on a library board actually considering allowing sex offenders to be around children?

Do you think the “drag queen” story hour has gone too far?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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