Local Hero Quits Successful Job To Build Beds For Children Who Sleep On The Floor

When Luke Mickelson learned that children in his community were sleeping on the floor – his life was forever changed.

He was shocked to learn so many precious children were without a basic bed – and he knew he needed to do something.

So he built his first bed and delivered it to a little girl who was without – and that’s when his life was forever changed.

CNN reported:

“This little girl had a nest of clothes, it looked like a little bird’s nest. And that’s what she slept on, that’s what her bed was,” Mickelson said. “When we delivered the bed, she hugged it and just couldn’t let go.” 

That moment altered the entire future direction of Luke’s life. 

When he witnessed firsthand how a simple bed changed this little girl’s life, he knew he needed to do more.

So he started building beds with his own money – in his garage.  

Every year the number of beds he built increased – and he solicited help from friends and family to help with this worthy cause.

But he wasn’t done just yet. 

After all, how could he go about living his life the same working a high-paying successful job and ignoring the world around him?

He couldn’t.

Sure, he was helping build beds, but he felt convicted he needed to do more, as the need of children without beds was just so great. 

Realizing his ministry needed some teeth to go even bigger, he started Sleep In Heavenly Peace, which is an official non-profit organization that builds and delivers beds to children who are without.

CNN continued:

“With the motto “No kid sleeps on the floor in our town,” the nonprofit and its more than 65 chapters have built and delivered more than 1,500 free beds to children across America”. 

Because of the conviction of one man, parents who can’t afford to buy a bed are gifted with a free bed, so their children no longer have to sleep on the floor.

This man didn’t demand the government do something, or waste time blaming people.

He simply saw a need in his community, and met it.

It’s local heroes like this who remind us all there are truly kind people in this world who can do their part to make the world a better place. 

Sleep In Heavenly Peace estimates up to 2.2 million children in the United States sleep on the floor each night.

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Luke might not be able to help every single one of them, but helping one child at a time, his organization is helping make that number a little bit lower each year.

His passion for children and desire to help the least of these are an encouragement to us all.

Instead of sleeping on a cold hard floor, these children now have a soft warm bed. Way to go Luke! 

Thank you for your heart and determination to help children who are without. 

What message would you like to leave for Luke and his ministry?

Were you surprised to learn there are so many children in the United States who are without basic necessities like a bed to sleep in?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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