Make Little Geniuses Through These Simple Playtime Activities

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Kids naturally get involved in playing from a very young age, participating in games such as peek-a-boo to hide and seek.

Discovering the world around us is done by using our senses. Knowledge is obtained when we are able to theorize and test things we think to be true.

It may not look like much watching your son catch bugs in the yard, or your daughter playing princess in her “castle”, but these simple acts are more than just a fun time.

Playing is a giant science experiment where every game offers new data to collect and analyze.

The world is not only our oyster but our laboratory, offering endless tools at our disposal.

So, how exactly does playing make kids smarter? We can show you.

It is now common knowledge in the professional realm of child development that “discovery learning”, or learning through investigating the world around us, is the beginning of a growing intellect.

Preschool rooms utilize this theory with their open areas of blocks, dress up gear, and various tactile experiences.

Along with the Zone of Proximal Development, which is only giving enough assistance to direct the child to their own solution to a problem, preschools set up a child for the rest of their lives for learning and adapting.

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