Make Your Child’s Birthday Standout With These 3 Expert Tips

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If your child is anything like mine they ask how many days until their birthday every week beginning the day after their big day.

Pressure builds as their excitement grows, hoping that you give them the experience they are wishing for. 

Sure you will have the traditional balloons and cake, but we can tell you how to take it to the next level.

Having the perfect birthday party is less about Pinterest-worthy candy tables and more about kids having fun – more importantly, your kid.

There is always going to be a spilled juice box on the couch and pretzels you find in your child’s bed after a good kid’s bash.

Beyond the mess and sugar rush, the secret to a standout birthday party lies in these three tips.

  1. Make it themed

Themed parties aren’t just a marketing ploy to take all your money.

Having a central theme brings a child’s dreams to life and makes planning much easier. 

Expert tip: Don’t ask a kid what theme they want months in advance because they will pick baseball and then the new Star Wars series will come out making them change their “favorite” things overnight. 

After the theme is set, a mere two-weeks in advance when you send out invites, get all generic things from the dollar store (or $1.25 store as it should be called!) like colored balloons, streamers, and party-favor bags. 

Kids will surely remember a themed party over a generic one which will help chronicle the fleeting years when you reminisce on the great time everyone had. 

  1. Do activities

Yes, kids will entertain themselves when there is an open space and other kids to play with, but how they fill that time could make or break a party. 

Maybe you’ve had the experience where you were talking with a group of friends only to have the good time disrupted with a loud crash of a lamp because the kids had put together a WrestleMania match in your living room! 

This hard lesson learned is a great example of why having some organized activities at a birthday parties can give structure and lasting memories. 

Keeping the activities within the theme is a great idea too.

If it is a Star Wars theme, play “save the universe” and have the kids try to keep a balloon in the air with foam light sabers.

For a toddler party, you can do one of Mommy Underground’s great activities perfectly created specifically for that age group.

  1.  Make the food special

It seems there is a favorite food for every season in your child’s life, and you can mark that special time by displaying it all at a birthday party. 

Continuing with the Star Wars theme, if your child’s favorite food is pizza, cut them into warship shapes.

Have galactic gumballs and light saber lollipops, any food they like that can be transformed into a Jedi, alien, or spaceship will make it that much more memorable.

Summer birthday parties are the best because there are so many “outdoor” foods you can offer.

Kids can be picky and tough to impress these days when almost anything they can possibly imagine is already on YouTube.

Follow these three easy steps and your child will be talking about his big day up until it’s time to plan the next one.