Mass Publicity Stunt By Pro-Choice Activists Just Murdered Hundreds Of Babies

It’s well known pro-choice activists are full of visceral hate towards women and their babies, but their latest stunt hit an all-time low.

In fact, the actions of the latest group of pro-choice women shows just how deep their disdain towards babies really is.

And the worst part of all is this dangerous publicity stunt is perfectly legal, although the results ended in murder.

Pro-life activists come in peace.

They stand outside of abortion clinics, letting scared young women know there are other options other than murdering their unborn baby.

Resources are offered. Hope is restored.

And thanks to the tenacity of these pro-life activists, many women have decided to keep their babies, and either raise them or place them up for adoption.

But pro-choice activists can’t stand the fact of empowering a woman to choose life.

Their warped minds view abortion as a “woman’s right”, and often encourage and coerce women to murder their unborn baby.

But in South Korea, abortion activists took their hatred of life to a whole new level.

In South Korea, abortion is illegal except in cases of rape, incest, or when the health of the mother is at risk.

Although some women still illegally get abortions, babies’ lives are saved with this law.

If a doctor decides to perform an abortion in South Korea, they could face jail time, along with the mother.

This law alone is enough to deter many from getting abortions.

But pro-aborts hate this law and wish babies could be murdered on demand.

So to prove their point, a group of 125 pregnant women stood to protest this new law.

But these women didn’t just hold signs.

They actually took the abortion pill, all at the same time, and ended the lives of their unborn babies on public display.

As a deterrence, 30 women took vitamin pills, which apparently are not discernable from the abortion pills.

This move was done to “protect” the women who decided to take the pill.

A cold and calculated act, these women acted with malice and showed no remorse.

Korea Bizwire reported:

“Abortion is the most commonly performed surgery in the world and normal women choose to get abortions for various reasons,” continued the activists.

“Being able to get an abortion is a basic right for women.” One activist said that she wanted to live in a country where having abortions would not make her a criminal.

A college student who participated in the protest said that the practice of suppressing women with anti-abortion laws is an infringement of the basic human rights that all women are entitled to.”

The fact that these women see no harm in murdering unborn lives is heartbreaking.

They are deceived and blinded in the worst way, and as a result innocent babies are dying.

These women decided to show to the world, they don’t care about unborn babies.

A mother choosing to murder her child is not empowering!

As the pro-choice culture continues to infiltrate countries around the world, yet again, innocent babies are caught in the crossfire.

What are your thoughts on the mass public abortion which took place in South Korea?

Do you think abortion should be illegal everywhere?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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