Massachusetts Defeats Planned Parenthood’s Plan To Sabotage Young Minds

If there was one organization making the nation worse off, it could arguably be Planned Parenthood.

They are infiltrating public education to pervert the youth, they are brainwashing individuals all over the world to believe life doesn’t hold intrinsic value, and they are unapologetically killing innumerable babies in the womb. 

But one state stood up against the liberal giant and defeated their efforts to instill a program that would have had profound negative effects on the well-being of public school children.

Activist Mommy reports:

Thanks to the tireless work of the Massachusetts Family Institute, parents in Worcester, Massachusetts have won a tremendous victory in the battle against Planned Parenthood’s perverted, unscientific sex education curriculum.”

The curriculum is ironically titled “Making Proud Choices,” and according to Breitbart is “an 8-module sex education curriculum developed for middle and high school aged youth that has been proven effective.”

Proven effective to do what?!

It surely is effectively teaching kids that they can throw morality and self-respect to the wind, but it is definitely not teaching them the beauty of an unparalleled intimate relationship achieved when you respect marriage as a boundary for a sexual relationship. 

Planned Parenthood explains it this way:

 “The goal of the program is to reduce sexual risk taking behaviors emphasizing the use of condoms and empowering teens to make their own decisions about how they can be sexually healthy.”

Minors with raging hormones should not be defining what is “sexually healthy,” that is why there are parents. 

Parents get the opportunity to give their children a positive view of heterosexual monogamous relationships, using age-appropriate verbiage, when they are the sole proprietors of sex education.

Passing the torch onto state run facilities, where money, power, and politics rule the roost, you are likely going to have “values” instilled that are far from traditional.

Mary Ellen Siegler, MFI’s consultant on comprehensive sex education told Breitbart the sad truth that parents and school officials are “ignorant of what children ultimately are taught in programs like Making Proud Choices.”

Upon review of the “Making Proud Choices” curriculum, the Worcester school board committee was shown the extremely graphic nature of the sex-ed program by MFI director Michael King.

King’s testimony included the disturbing definition that was re-assigned to “abstinence” by Planned Parenthood- let’s just say it is far removed from what most sane people would define it as.

In an editorial for The Daily Signal, King revealed the pornographic material being shown to children in other Massachusetts schools, and how the programs are normalizing abortion and sexual behavior. 

Victory was obtained after the Worcester School board opted to throw out the possible use of Planned Parenthood’s sexual education curriculum.

Activist Mommy reports on King’s response to the good news after saying there is a “Biblical mandate” already in place to protect our children’s hearts and minds: 

We succeeded in defeating Planned Parenthood and protecting the minds and hearts of our young people in Worcester. But parents, community leaders, and pro-family advocates can team up anywhere to strengthen the family, life, and liberty.”

Massachusetts is a notoriously liberal state, so it’s a miracle that MFI was able to expose Planned Parenthood’s evil intentions. 

This achievement brings hope to families that despite the force of entities of destruction, our voices are stronger. 

Please let us know in the comments section if you have had any issues in your children’s school with perverted sexual education, and what you are doing to flight against it.