Maximize Productivity When Working From Home With These Uncovered Methods 

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Have you ever stared at a blinking vertical line waiting for words to magically flow from your fingertips?

Working from home is not as glamorous as it sounds at times, especially if you must juggle your duties as a mother and your responsibilities as an employee.

While many working moms would not trade their home presence during working hours in for the world, there are still some methods to explore in order to make productivity soar- even with a screaming toddler in the background.

Here are the top 5 ways to make working from home and being a mother two jobs that you are really good at.


1. Keep work in a designated space

Whether you have an elaborate office with all the cute accessories that perfectly represent your sense of style, or a semi-cleared space on the counter where you keep all your work belongings together, it is important that your “office” is not spread all over the house.

A scattered workspace means a scattered mind, and nothing gets accomplished like that.

And no matter how tempting it is, don’t allow your designated productive space to serve more than one goal (i.e. blogging desk is not also the scrapbooking desk).


2. Keep background noise to a minimum

You are probably thinking it is impossible to have a workspace in a home where an entire family is living, but dreams can come true.

Three words for you – noise, cancellation, and headphones.

These little babies will be one of the best investments you have ever made as a working mom.

But they come with a warning- do not use them if your spouse or babysitter is not watching the children because you will not hear when your son is forcing his siblings to play ninjas against their will.

Other simple methods of maintaining a peaceful work environment at home is to keep the television off while you work (yes, we know there is a lot of news to keep up on now, but the country will still be in peril when your deadline is reached), and to have a plan for your children during your work time.

If you are riding solo at home with the kids and a job, try a boredom box. A special little container full of entertaining games like an activity pad and finger puppets.


3. Work at set times

It is nearly impossible to completely mentally invest in a task when you are jumping from preparing meals to writing an email to changing a diaper.

There must be realistic expectations for both roles as a mother and duties outside of the home, as Mommy Underground has previously reported.

Find a time you are most creative and that doesn’t interfere with reading a bedtime story to the kids or getting their school lesson in.

For some night owls this may be from 9pm-12am and 1-3pm during naptime. For others it may mean hiring a helping hand to work a solid few hours during the day.

The trick is to stay committed to those times so you can be fully present when the children need to snuggle on the couch when they wake up, and you can give your full attention to the boss during a zoom meeting- not wondering if your kids are going to burn down the walls around you.


4. Be dressed for success

This is the toughest piece of advice to hear because we all know those new terry lined leggings are a little slice of heaven.

As tempting as it is to rock the “athletic” look all day when working from home, it can be counter-productive to productivity.

If you are a fitness buff, get your workout in prior to committing to the job so you can be showered, dressed in appropriate work attire, and ready to conquer the day before “clocking in.”

Sarah Harrison, owner of Hot Content, told Ladders that not getting dressed in the morning can leave you “feeling just as disheveled as you look.”

So, fight the loud calling of your yoga pants, and slip into something a little more professional to get the most of your workday.

Being productive in an uncontrolled environment is a job in itself at times, but sticking to these rules of productivity can have you maximizing your time so that you can be fully present with your kids and fully present with your job.

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