Media Becomes A Judgmental Circus Act Targeting Melania

Anti-Trump conspiracy theorists have hit the web once again, purporting stories they know nothing about.

In a country divided, liberals are making themselves look increasingly unintelligent and less worthy of a political redemption every time they try to bash the President, his family or his administration.

Their efforts at degrading the White House have gone too far this time, putting Melania Trump in the crosshairs.

The Hill reported:

President Trump on Wednesday lashed out at recent media coverage of first lady Melania Trump, calling speculation surrounding her whereabouts in the weeks following a kidney surgery “unfair” and “vicious.”

Trump tweeted about his disdain for the “Fake News” reports, which made various cruel allegations toward the FLOTUS and the President.

Another tweet from President Trump claimed that four reporters saw Melania during the time CNN was saying she was missing, but that would feed the frenzy, so they won’t report it.

There was a tweet on May 30th, by CNBC reporter Eamon Javers, that he spotted Melania “walking with her aides in the West Wing” the day before when she was being reported as MIA.

Knowing the hyped speculation around the First Lady’s whereabouts, Javers facetiously begins the tweet with “Not that this will deter the conspiracy theorists.”

June 4th was the first event Melania Trump attended since her surgery at Walter Reed Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland, which was the reason for her absence from the public eye.

The event was a ceremony for Gold Star families, but it was closed to the press. The First Lady tweeted about her attendance to ward off continued allegations of her hiatus.

Melania’s surgery was on May 10th, according to The Daily Wire, for an “embolization procedure” she received to correct a benign kidney condition, in which she had no complications.

It is understandable, not to mention probably medically advised, that the FLOTUS needed time to recover from surgery.

During this time when the nation should have been concerned and supportive of the family who runs this country, they were busy bad-mouthing them.

Rolling Stone writer, Jamil Smith, tweeted outlandish suspicions about Melania hiding from the spotlight to conceal abuse from her husband Donald Trump.

Another tweet by David Frum, from the Atlantic, posed a despicable scenario that had no grounding, saying, “Suppose President Trump punched the First Lady in the White House (federal property = federal jurisdiction), then ordered the Secret Service to conceal the assault.”

Melania Trump did not only just come out of surgery, but is a mother of a 12-year-old boy that also needs her attention.

Liberal media has become hyper-focused on finding flaws within the President and anyone that associates with him that they have lost sight of their jobs and purpose.

Jeffrey McCall is a media analyst with brilliant perspective on the issue of the media and their uncalled for comments, saying to Fox NewsThis kind of toxic and polarized public dialogue damages the public sphere in so many ways.”

Adding that there should be an apology issued, but knows that won’t happen because “The moral compasses of pundits who would engage in such unsupported allegations are so out of whack that a public apology would not cross their minds.”

The American people deserve to be informed of real news relating to the political standing in this country, and events that affect that.

News agencies and individuals on the social media platform should not only apologize but be ashamed of themselves for the disgusting display of insincerity and unprofessionalism.

Please let us know in the comments section how you feel about the reaction of the public when Melania was taking time off.