Medical Students Are Outraged By The Deceit Of One Progressive Group

Abortion has become a devastating, common occurrence in America.

But it is not only here that progressive organizations are working at a furious pace to normalize the murder of the unborn.

Medical students in Africa were horrified when they were recently reeled into a conference under false pretenses.

Students from Uganda were invited to a luxury resort – free of charge – to listen to a seminar on “reproductive health” put on by the U.S. group, Catholics for Choice.

The seminar was entitled “Values Clarification Workshop,” and in this nation where Catholicism is widely practiced, they hoped that they would be learning about helping to promote life.

But that was not to be.  Catholics for Choice is actually a progressive group that fights against the Catholic Church’s ban on abortion and harmful contraceptives.

The students found too late that the seminar was actually an abortion indoctrination workshop.

Needless to say, they were horrified and disgusted by the deception.

In fact, speakers at the conference spread propaganda statistics about women who defy Church teaching by having abortions all over the world.  The group is working to “normalize” abortion in Catholic nations that oppose it.

One speaker even had the gall to say that, “The Prime Minister of Ethiopia has asked us to do some work for him, and he has asked us to ask you if Ethiopia can introduce abortion as a way of enhancing the productivity of women,” according to LifeSite News.

“Enhancing the productivity of women,” as if women cannot be productive if they decide against aborting their child.

These conferences have been held in several African countries, areas that are targeted for having a high concentration of Catholics who are pro-life.

Attendees said the organizers were “perverting” the teachings of the Church — working with government leaders to brainwash women.

One focus of Catholics for Choice is fighting against the Church’s Humanae Vitae, a 50-year-old declaration by then-Pope John Paul II condemning the culture of death through abortion and abortifacient contraceptives.

Even Catholic bishops in Africa are under fire from CFC for opposing contraception on the continent.

Medical students who attended commented that “They are manipulating us. They are not allowing dialogue; This is not a seminar for discussion,” and that “It is a method of indoctrination,” according to LifeSite.

Catholics for Choice introduced some speakers at the conference as working hard “to diminish the influence of religious extremism on public policy and advance sexual and reproductive rights.”

Typical of the progressive culture of death, this organization believes that followers who adhere to Christian teachings about the sanctity of life are “extreme” in their beliefs.

Questions presented in CFC materials for the seminar directed attendees to
“resources” that basically said that Catholic women are having abortions despite Church doctrine.

They support normalizing the defiance of God and Church teachings.

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The medical students’ disgust for the real purpose of the conference shows a glimmer of hope, however.

These students are not going to just accept the progressives’ agenda and be a part of the normalization of abortion in Africa.

Church leaders and the medical community in these African Catholic nations are going to fight to preserve the sanctity of life.

Despite Catholics for Choice doing their best to spread their propaganda, it appears many in Africa are saying “no” to this particular brand of indoctrination.

Sadly, this group from the U.S. is used to being welcomed in our nation.  They have a three- million-dollar annual operating budget and progressive legislators and media on their side.

We applaud these medical students for calling out CFC’s deceit and their strength in opposing an agenda that is increasingly spreading on a global level.

What do you think of the deceptive way Catholics for Choice tried to lure in medical students who were attending the conference to learn how to actually help women?  Leave us your thoughts.