Miraculous Rescue Saves Children From Horrific Situation

Every parent works tirelessly to keep their children safe from harm.

We teach them safety rules, keep them close in public places, and make sure we know where they are – and who they are with – at all times.

Thousands of children are reported missing each year, but at least for some of these, a miraculous rescue just brought them home.

The U.S. Marshals Service, in cooperation with other agencies working on cases of missing children, conducted Operation MISafeKid on September 26th.

The results are staggering – and nothing short of a miracle.

Michigan agencies coordinated with the Marshals in a first of its kind sweep of areas surrounding Wayne County, Michigan.

Officers spent months researching case files, gathering information, and planning for this stunning one-day sweep of the area.

Out of 301 case files, 123 missing children in Wayne County and the surrounding area were brought home safely thanks to the tireless work of law enforcement officers from the Detroit Missing Child Recovery Unit, Sex Offender Investigations Branch, and many others.

123 children rescued in one day by the grace of God.

Out of these children, at least three of them were identified as possibly being part of a sex trafficking ring.

At least one homeless teen was found malnourished after not eating in several days, and information was gathered about cases in other states that may lead to the safe return of others.

Initiatives like the one in Wayne County are happening all over the country, bringing as many children home as possible – as quickly as possible.

The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children also assisted in the rescue and remains on the frontlines of saving the lives of children who are missing for any number of reasons.

Some are runaways, some have parted from their homeless families in an effort to work or find assistance on their own, others are abducted.

Of these abductions, many are taken by family members – including non-custodial parents.  They may be physically safe but are undergoing the emotional trauma of being taken against their will from one parent or caregiver.

The Center reports that 800,000 children are reported missing annually.  That’s an unbelievable 2,000 cases per day in the U.S. alone, with over a hundred cases of stranger abduction each year.

The Center for Missing and Exploited Children was formed by President Ronald Reagan in an effort to combine federal resources to find missing children, and to set up campaigns for parents and children on how to prevent child abduction.

The development of a national resource center was started in part by parents who experienced the worst nightmare imaginable – a missing child.

John Walsh, who has become a driving force in preventing these tragedies and tracking criminal fugitives, is one parent internationally recognized for his tireless efforts following the abduction and murder of his son, Adam, in 1980.

For the children found in Michigan, they have been given a second chance at life with their families or have been referred to child services and church programs who have reached out to give them guidance and support.

Now, more than ever, our children are in danger from child predators and sex traffickers looking for easy prey online.  Social media, especially, has become a gateway for predators looking for vulnerable children to lure away.

Mommy Underground previously reported on what parents need to know about the dangers of social media, where so many predators are watching our children and earning their trust, and on tips to keep little ones safe in crowded public places.

Initiatives like this most recent one in Michigan are only one part of the tireless work of law enforcement and federal, state, and private agencies who work to bring these kids home.

The tragedy is that with every miraculous reported rescue, there are thousands of other children who are still out there waiting to be found.

But the U.S. Marshals Service sent a statement of hope following this miraculous rescue: “The message to the missing children and their families that we wish to convey is that we will never stop looking for you,” according to the New York Post.

There are some things that parents can do to help prevent this tragedy from happening to them.

For older children, we must be aware of what our children are involved in, who they are with at all times, monitor their social media use, and teach them how to keep themselves safe.

For our little ones, we must keep them close and teach them as early as possible about “stranger danger” and not wandering off in public.

For all of our children, every American can help by praying for those still missing, their families, and the law enforcement and local agencies who take time away from their own families to bring these children home.

What do you think about the miraculous rescue of so many missing children in one day?  Leave us your thoughts.




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