Model Shows What Real Beauty Is In A Surprising Catwalk Appearance

There is nothing more real and precious than the act of giving life from a mother to a baby.

Giving birth is only the first step in a mother’s journey to support her new little snuggle buddy’s way in this world, the second step being to supply the nourishment of breastmilk.

Unfortunately, in today’s twisted society some mothers are shamed for giving the best possible sustenance for their child, while supported for displays of the body that promote fashion or lust.

One mom pointed out the irony of this trend while in the limelight, using the attention on her body to show one of its most amazing features.

A Sports Illustrated model shocked the audience when she came down the runway breastfeeding her daughter, in an effort to normalize the natural act and prove moms “can do it all.”

ABC News reported:

A model made quite a splash at the Sports Illustrated Swim Search runway show in Miami for breastfeeding on the catwalk.

Mara Martin strutted down the runway Sunday in a one-shouldered metallic gold bikini with 5-month-old daughter Aria, who was breastfeeding along the way.”

The audience at the event gave positive feedback, cheering loudly when Martin made her appearance.

Don’t worry about little Aria during the commotion, she was safely nuzzled against her mother, eating dinner, while wearing a pair of blue headphones that protected her from the noise.

The catwalk wasn’t the only place Martin was praised for her heroic act of motherhood.

Martin’s social media accounts were flooded with support from people all over following the event.

You look incredible! Thank you for doing your part to normalize feeding our children,” a woman wrote, according to ABC News.

It is more normal to be breastfeeding than to be strutting down a platform in two small pieces of cloth in front of hundreds of people.

A fellow Sports Illustrated swimsuit star and actress, Brooklyn Decker, chimed in with her support on Twitter praising Martin for breastfeeding on the catwalk.

One Instagram user under the name ‘babesbubsandbeauty raved about Martin’s powerful catwalk message, saying:

This is absolutely beautiful!! I love this!! Breastfeeding is normal; I walk around breastfeeding my son everywhere I go. Shops, markets, doctors, bus stop. Breastfeeding is normal and beautiful. We should be able to do this everywhere and feel empowered and beautiful and like we are dojng amazing as Mama’s, because we totally are!!

All the positive responses were overwhelming for Martin, who wasn’t expecting such an outpour of messages from mothers and other pro-breastfeeding advocates.

In an Instagram post the following morning, Martin wrote:

I can’t believe I am waking up to headlines with me and my daughter in them for doing something I do every day. I’m so grateful to be able to share this message and hopefully normalize breastfeeding and also show others that women CAN DO IT ALL!”

As one would expect, amidst the good messages were also scattered judgmental comments, looking to demonize the God-given gift of breastfeeding.

One opposer wrote on Twitter, “Displays of no values, no morality and no privacy will always be a better headline.”

No values or morality? It is hard to even begin to think where this deranged Twitter user is coming from.

Breastfeeding shows strong values, putting your baby first. Giving them the best start in life is a family commitment.

Morality is the difference between right and wrong. How is breastfeeding immoral? It is definitely better to err on the side of natural when deciding what is right and wrong for your body.

We are naturally designed to have babies, not to execute them. We are naturally designed to procreate between a man and a woman, not between same sexes.

Morality seems simple in these scenarios, and the fact that these simple concepts are being distorted in society is reflective of liberal influence.

Martin did a bold and powerful move in showing that she is a working mom who still takes the time to breastfeed.While spending a weekend getting paid to walk in front of people in bathing suits is still a debatable occupational choice, there was still the honorable outcome of making a stand for families, for babies, and for breastfeeding.

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