Mom Chooses Life For Sick Baby – Then Claims She Made The Wrong Choice

Some pregnancies are harder than others, especially when the life of the baby is at stake.

One woman shared her story on delivering a baby with special needs, and you won’t believe the end result.

While the doctors claimed it would be “humane” to just let the baby die, this woman took home the baby, but now she uttered the most horrific words a mother could ever say about her own baby.

Sadly, baby Zoe only made it to a little over a year old before she took her last breath.

In a startling op-ed, this woman went on to write the story on how her special needs daughter ended up dying due to a brain informality.

But this mom took it even further and went on to say if she could do it all over again, she would 100 percent have chosen to have a late-term abortion and kill her unborn child.

LifeSite News reported:

“I grieve the person I might have become if had [sic] not been a young victim, a young mother, forced into unimaginable circumstance, seeded by compounding traumas. Did that girl not also deserve mercy? Was her life any less important?” she writes. “If I had been allowed the option to choose a ‘late-term abortion,’ would I? Yes. A hundred times over, yes.”

Zirlott argues that Zoe would have been spared “so much pain” if her heart had been “stopped when she was warm and safe inside me,” adding that “perhaps I could have been spared as well.”

“Look at that photo of me and my daughter and tell me you know better than I do,” she challenges. “We should not have to beg for permission to decide what is best for ourselves and our children, even the ones who may never be born ― and maybe never should be born.”

As it turns out, this woman’s story is even more traumatic, as little Zoe was conceived in rape.

Losing a child is one of the most traumatic things a woman can endure.

After all, it’s not supposed to be this way, the mother is supposed to outlive her child.

And while everyone grieves differently at the loss of a child, this grieving mom took it too far.

While rape is a horrific and tragic act it doesn’t warrant the killing of an unborn child.

Likewise, raising a child with special needs is hard work, and emotionally draining, but babies with special needs deserve the chance at life just like all other babies.

Every baby deserves the dignity to be born.

While little Zoe only lived one short year on this earth, she got to be held in her mother’s arms and was kept warm and cared for.

There are other stories of babies who were expected not to live, but these babies survived and are thriving!

As Mommy Underground previously reported, one doctor actually scheduled an abortion for a couple without their consent.

The couple refused the abortion, had the baby, and while the baby still has special needs, she is doing well.

But even if a baby only lives a day, a week, or like Zoe for just a year, they all deserve the chance to enter into this world and experience life.

What are your thoughts on a mom stating she wished she had aborted her special needs daughter?

Do you think little Zoe deserved the chance to be born, even though she had special needs and wasn’t predicted to live a long life?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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