Mom Takes Abortion Pill Then Changes Her Mind – The Outcome Is A True Miracle

Photo by Matt Walsh on Unsplash


One mom decided she no longer wanted to be pregnant – so she took the abortion pill offered to her at the clinic.

But upon taking the pill, she immediately was filled with regret for her decision, and she was desperate to undo what she had just done.

By the grace of God, this desperate mom stumbled upon a website that armed her with life-saving information, and you won’t believe how her story ends.

Apparently, for the abortion pill to fully “do its job” and end the life of a baby, two pills need to be taken.

But because this mom only took one – she had a fighting chance to reverse the deadly course she had just started.

Thankfully, the scared mom was able to find a clinic who offered an immediate ultrasound to determine if the baby was still alive.

To this mom’s relief, the ultrasound revealed her baby was in fact alive – and she heard a heartbeat!

The clinic knew they needed to act fast to help reverse the consequences of the first pill.

After rejoicing together that the baby was still alive, they sprung into action and offered her a reversal.

Realizing how close she came to losing her baby, the mom reported how she immediately threw the second dose of abortion pills away as soon as she got home.

Save The Storks reported her story on their Facebook page:

“They gave me my first dose of progesterone that would be necessary to keep my baby alive,” she said. “Plunking myself in my car with a sigh, I put a hand on my stomach. I laughed softly, releasing tension like water from a tap. When I got home, I took the orange bottle the other nurse had given me and dropped it into the trash. I stood for a minute, looking at the orange plastic half hidden by the folds of the white trash bag. If I had taken it, it would have been all over. That heartbeat would have stopped.”

Praise God this mom was given a second chance to save the life of her baby!

The fact this clinic was able to immediately welcome her in and provide an ultrasound aided in saving the life of her baby.

This is what it means to truly be pro-life and care about a mother and her baby.

The clinic didn’t shame her for originally wanting to abort her baby.

They didn’t scold or chastise her – instead they welcomed her in with open arms and did everything they could to save the life of her baby.

Many abortion clinics are quick to offer pregnant moms a pill as an “easy fix” to being pregnant…

… but as this story shows moms who might take the pill feeling the pressure are changing their tune once they’ve had a chance to think.

Let’s continue to support life-saving crisis pregnancy centers that are tirelessly working everyday to help scared and pregnant moms while saving the lives of their babies.

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