Moms – It’s Okay To Let Your Children Get Messy 

A quick scroll through social media will show moms with picture-perfect homes – complete with neatly dressed children.

But if you’re like most families… this portrayal of how children “should” look and behave is not reality.

So if your child plays in dirt and always seems to have some mysterious spot on their clothing – take comfort in knowing there are several benefits to letting your child get messy.

Learning Through Touch

It might seem as little ones are simply throwing food around and stuffing it in their face just to make a mess – but studies show it’s actually how they learn.

Motherly reported:

“The fingertips and the lips and tongue just so happen to house more sensory receptors (cells that receive tactile or touch information to the brain to help us to understand what it is and what it feels like) than any other region in the entire human body. Babies learn about accepting new textures in this very specific order of touch: first their hands, then their mouth (we call this proximal to distal sensory acceptance in the therapy world.)

Babies and toddlers need to be allowed the opportunity to touch, feel and smell their foods in order to determine if they are willing to try it with their mouths.”

So moms – let your little one get a little messy during mealtime! 

Your child is learning new textures and developing a palate for the type of food they like. 

Expanded Creativity 

Many children learn by using their hands and exploring, and yes, this involves getting a little messy.

Digging under that pile of dirt to discover worms, or taking all the pillows and blankets in the house to build a fort helps encourage the creative part of their brain. 

Sure there are limits – like not allowing them to color on the walls or paint on the carpet…

…but if you are really bold you can even consider creating a chalk paint wall – which can allow your child to draw and explore their artistic abilities directly on the wall!

Other fun activities like finger paint (or even feet paint) can help your child have fun while feeling new textures.

Reduced Anxiety Down The Road

While it’s important to maintain good hygiene like hand washing, it’s important to not make it an obsession.

Children who never have messy hands or a dirty face could end up becoming deeply upset down the road should they get dirty – as the feeling will be foreign and unfamiliar. 

In fact, many children suffer from sensory processing disorders, and this can become worse if they aren’t used to experiencing different textures. 

So moms, give up the need to have to keep your children polished and perfect.

Kids like to be kids – which includes exploring the world around them – and getting a little messy in the process!

Did you train your children to be clean and proper or adventurous and messy?

Do you think it is okay to let your children get a little messy?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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