Months Later, More Questions Than Answers About Cecile Richards’ Departure

There is perhaps no more sinister organization in the world than Planned Parenthood.

Not only are they the number one abortion provider in the nation, they have been awash with legal troubles – not the least of which the selling of baby parts for profit.

But there is also something else going on with the organization – and many questions are being raised.

Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards announced her resignation as the abortion giant’s leader in January of 2018 and left in April.

Now, months later, the organization is still without a president.  Vice President Dawn Laguens keeps temporary watch over the organization – but she does not seem to be moving into the top seat.

So what is going on, and why did Richards leave?

Are there internal issues going on within the organization that would show weakness if problems went public?

Is there going to be more action taken by federal authorities in the abhorrent sale of aborted baby parts?  Was evidence mounting against Richards personally that caused her to jump ship?

Or did Richards anticipate fighting a battle she may not be able to win as we approach the 2018 midterms?

While there is a great deal of speculation, Richards’ departure is a win for pro-lifers and the innocent unborn we fight to protect.

David Daleiden, the founder of the Center for Medical Progress who exposed Planned Parenthood’s ties to selling the tissue and parts of aborted babies has said that Richards “was the most devoted practitioner of the out of sight, out of mind mantra to cover up their barbaric business.”

But she still vies for publicity of any kind and spreads the progressive anti-life agenda alongside rich and powerful allies of the left.

Richards has been focusing on campaigning for liberal candidates as the elections approach and has written a book on her time leading the organization that has become the most-well known slaughterhouse of innocent babies in history.

Daleiden thinks that Richards’ abrupt departure may have been an effort by the organization to rid themselves of “the most culpable” participant in illegal activities.

But as much as pro-lifers may have hopes for the abortion giant’s downfall, Daleiden doesn’t see it, no matter who leads the organization.

World reported on Daleiden’s take on the changes going on at Planned Parenthood:

“…abortion doctors are really the power behind the throne at Planned Parenthood.  It will be interesting to see if they replace her with someone of that same kind of mold who will continue that kind of Cecile Richards public relations strategy, or if they’re going to really double down and finally let the most radical of the abortion doctor captains finally steer the ship. I think that’s the direction they might go in, because that’s where a lot of their rhetoric [is] leading them right now.”

Since President Trump took office, the pro-life movement has gained ground, and there is another seat on the Supreme Court up for grabs with the nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

In fact, Kelley Robinson of the Planned Parenthood Action Fund wrote in an email to supporters in June, “Quite simply, we’re facing the biggest threat to reproductive health and rights in generations,” according to LifeSite News.

While that’s a welcome statement for those of us on the frontlines defending life, it is hard to believe there is not an underlying factor going on.

Planned Parenthood is currently pouring tens of millions of dollars into anti-life political candidates running in November.

And whatever the story of Richards’ departure, the abortion giant isn’t going anywhere.

Cecile Richards will continue to gain fame and recognition for her former job of murdering babies while weak-kneed legislators pass the buck on pro-life legislation.

But it does provide pro-lifers with a new call to action – to double-down ourselves in the fight to defend the unborn and elect real pro-lifers this fall.

The battle continues to rage.

We may be rid of Cecile Richards in a leadership position, but her dark legacy will likely continue with the next head of Planned Parenthood.

What do you think of Cecile Richards’ abrupt departure from Planned Parenthood and the fact that they have not yet replaced her?  Do you think there is something going on behind the scenes?  Leave us your thoughts.



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