Mother Tased And Arrested Because She Refused To Wear A Mask Outdoors

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A young mom wanted to watch her young son play football and never dreamed her afternoon would end with her in handcuffs.

While sitting outside on the bleachers with her mother enjoying the fresh air, this mom was approached by an officer for not wearing a mask.

The events that endured after their encounter shocked a stunned crowd who witnessed officers use brutal force to remove her from the game.

This young mom was minding her own business and simply enjoying watching her child play football.

An innocent activity that moms all across the country do every single weekend.

Except now in the “era of COVID-19” everything has changed and once common activities have been altered into a series of restrictive behaviors.

At a grade school football game, a mom sat socially distanced from others (outside of her family), and was sitting outside in the open air.

She wasn’t bothering anybody or causing a scene.

But an officer doing “parole” noticed she wasn’t wearing a mask.

Not willing to leave well enough alone, he approached her and kept insisting she wear a mask.

The mom explained she had asthma, and did not want to put the mask on.

Not liking her refusal, the officer than proceeded to arrest her for “trespassing”!


She was sitting in the bleachers watching her son play football – not breaking into a building.

Naturally, the mom resisted having her hands put behind her back – as she did nothing wrong.

The mom yelled at the officer to let go of her and to take his hands off of her – but the man continued to force her hands behind her back.

Not having luck – he resorted to more forceful actions.

The officer actually proceeded to tase the young mom and escort her off the premises.


The entire scene was captured on video by onlookers in the crowd – and voices could be heard objecting to the tasing and arrest of a mom simply for not wearing a mask outside.

Horrified, they watched as the officer proceeded to actually tase this young mom.

Young children were present – imagine what they were thinking!?

A woman was sitting peacefully at a football game, and ended up being tased and arrested.

The officers escorted her out – and another officer could be seen running up to the scene – without wearing a mask.

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Typical case of “do as I say not as I do.”

The scary part is – stories like these are becoming the new norm.

Like the mom who was arrested for refusing to leave a playground.

It’s beyond absurd.

And who could forget the mom and her six children who were booted off the plane because a two-year old toddler couldn’t keep her mask on.

These days, once innocent acts like watching your child play sports could end up in arrest.

As officials become more empowered to take the law into their own hands – we can expect to see more outrageous actions taken in the name of “safety.”

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