New “Gender-Neutral” Barbies Have Made Their Way Into Stores 


The LGBT frenzy has officially reached the shelves of toy stores, and has introduced children to the unthinkable.

Hijacking the beloved Mattel Barbie doll – a new perverted version of Barbie has been introduced which is all but certain to confuse children everywhere.

And what’s even more horrifying is mainstream pro-LGBT advocates are launching this new “gender neutral” Barbie as a significant accomplishment in the advancement of pro-LGBT rights. 

But the consequences for children could be deadly. 

The new Barbie is labeled “creatable world doll” allows children to make their Barbie either a male or female – with wigs and other props. 

LGBT activists hope this will train children to dismiss the idea that people are actually only one gender. 

Even more sickening they are applauding this new doll as reflecting the “real world” encouraging children to take the gender-neutral identity on themselves. 

Parents reported:

“Children have total freedom to style each Creatable World doll in any way they choose using wigs and clothing, and then, of course, can endlessly change things up. It reflects the real world, where classmates try different styles of self-expression before settling on what feels most right to them.

“These kids are going to be amazing when they grow up,” says Monica Dreger, Vice President, Global Consumer Insights for Mattel. “I feel more confident and optimistic that they’re going to teach the older generation to be more inclusive, to be more understanding, to not be so confined in their labels.”

But the truth is, children are going to be even more traumatized and confused.

Allowing a child to “change the gender” of her Barbie doll gives way to the notion that one’s gender can change.

Little girls will now grow up believing that male and female are no longer relevant, and that a person can be whatever they decide to be.

Studies already show that “transgender” individuals are more likely to be depressed and suicidal than others.

And make no mistake, the LGBT community knows exactly what they are doing by introducing this “gender-changing” concept to children at a young age.

They are simply grooming them in a hope to erase the notion that true male and female genders actually exist.

Tragically, when these children go to school, they’ll continue to get the same message from their teacher – from transition ceremonies to “gender neutral” bathrooms.

A child can’t even turn on the television without the LGBT agenda being thrown in their face.

The obsession with targeting children to adopt the LGBT lifestyle has got to stop.

Corrupting innocent children with perverse dolls is shameful, and is the furthest thing from helping a child grow into a healthy and well-adjusted adult. 

What are your thoughts on Mattel launching a new “gender neutral” Barbie doll?

Do you think this doll will be a marketing success, or a bust?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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