New Teddy Bear Helps Non-Verbal Children With Special Needs Communicate In The Most Incredible Way

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash


Imagine being hungry or thirsty or in pain but not being able to verbally communicate your needs to another.

For non-verbal children with special needs and their parents, this struggle is all too real.

But one company had the brilliant idea to bridge the gap and create the ultimate product to help children communicate what they need.

You see, many children with special needs have a favorite toy.

So to make it easy, for kids to combine both a toy and communication device in one, a local mom teamed up with a single mom who currently builds bears for children with special needs to create a bear designed specifically to help non-verbal children communicate.

The bear is called “U’Neek the Gifted Bear” and has unique symbols on different parts of the teddy bear and when pushed the bear can utter phrases such as: “I’m hungry”, “I’m sleepy” and “I don’t feel well.”

This incredible bear even includes a countdown clicker which will help children during moments where they feel frustrated or distressed.

The bear is part of a line of bears called Cubby Love Bears, which are bilingual bears that teach children everything from colors to the alphabet.

Moms everywhere are buying U’Neek the Gifted Bear, and this bear has gained such popularity, it is currently sold out!

What a gift to children with special needs and their families.

So many families face a host of problems because they are unable to understand one another.

In fact, some children who exhibit behavioral issues, are simply tired, hungry, or in pain – they just can’t communicate it verbally, so they act out.

And while many moms and caregivers eventually learn to communicate with their non-verbal child, others struggle with being able to understand them.

This frustration affects both the parent and the child.

But now with this cute and cuddly bear, children can learn to push the button to communicate if they are hungry or in pain.

Moms with special needs often feel alone and misunderstood.

Sadly, some even feel judged by complete and total strangers for the way their child is behaving.

Thankfully, more businesses are showing compassion to moms with special needs, by creating sensory-friendly airport areas and hospital rooms, and products like this bear to help children communicate better with their parents.

This simple act of love can be a game-changer for a family who may have felt hopeless at being able to get their child to communicate.

And remember – if you know a mom who is raising a child with special needs, be sure to reach out to her and offer practical ways to help.

Whether it’s bringing over dinner one night, or simply running to the grocery store, simple acts of kindness can remind them they aren’t alone, and they have a support system.

It really is the little things, and moms need to support one another!

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