One Couple’s Choices Create An Uncertain Future For Their Child

Today’s parents are facing an uphill battle to preserve our traditional values for our children and grandchildren.

Every day, the left pushes the boundaries with terrifying new mandates on social norms that they expect all Americans to accept.

As the left keeps pressing on, it is the children who are facing the most harm, and one shocking case makes this all too clear.

Those on the left live in a “me first” bubble, expecting the rest of the world to adopt their progressive policies while they trample on the rights of others.

They have little regard for how their agenda affects others, and the effects can be very damaging for children who rely on the guidance of adults — especially their parents — to put them first and give them a solid start in life.

In a scenario that is becoming all-too-commonplace, a transgender couple recently shared what it is like for them to raise their child.

Meant as a “tribute” of sorts on Father’s Day, left-wing media outlet CNN featured an interview with Sabastion Sparks, a woman who is transitioning to be a man.  His “wife” is a man who has now completed the transition to be a female.

As if all this were not damaging enough to the sacrament of marriage, the couple has a two-year-old son.  Sabastion – “Dad” – actually gave birth to their son and breastfed him in infancy.

In the interview, they discuss how they are providing their little boy a normal childhood.  Sadly, the lasting damage is likely to be devastating for this child as he is raised by a couple who sees nothing wrong with defying God’s plan for families.

When the couple married in 2016, Sabastion had just begun the process of transitioning to be a male by beginning hormonal treatments.  His “wife,” Angel, was further along in the process.

They then decided they wanted a child together, and so both stopped their treatments and worked to conceive.

Not yet having had full transition surgery, Sabastion became pregnant by conventional means, although both state that the “act went against who they felt like inside.”

They lost their first child to miscarriage but decided to try again.  This time, they welcomed a son, then immediately resumed their treatments and plans for full surgical transition.

Sabastion breastfed their little boy and then decided to have his breasts removed so that “he” could be a better male role model for his son.

He uses a removable prosthetic device to urinate standing up so he can teach his little boy what men are supposed to do.

Yet every single day, this child is subjected to his parents injecting themselves with medications and undergoing dangerous surgeries to have their natural anatomy removed.

Every day, they see a “mom” who still retains male features and a “dad” with scars where “he” used to breastfeed his son.

How can any parent believe that this is in the best interests of their child?  How can any parent claim they want their child to have a normal foundation with strong parental role models when they want nothing to do with the biological gender that made them mother and father?

As the transgender insanity continues to grow in the U.S. and elsewhere, mental health professionals are on high alert for this type of environment will impact a child’s life and future.

Studies are still in their infancy, but the prognosis is grim.

Children rely on their parents to establish their own identities.  They require consistency and must form a deep sense of trust in order to become well-rounded, healthy individuals.

For the children of transgendered parents – especially when both parents are transitioning as in this tragic case – there can be nothing but confusion.

When this child was an infant, he was carried in his mother’s womb and nursed at her breast.   Right away, this baby was exposed to his mother mutilating her body and undergoing physical changes that are difficult for even adults to comprehend.

Along with the stares the couple says they receive in public when out with their son, this little boy will have no consistent parental role model as they continue to change their physical appearance and inevitably experience physical symptoms and stress that will impact their child.

Multiple medical experts state that transgendered individuals have a mental health issue that has not been treated and, therefore, they go to extreme lengths to find a way to feel better about themselves.

These underlying issues are difficult enough for any married couple to deal with.  Thousands of parents experience depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues and they understand the repercussions their health may have on their children.

And evidence shows that the transgender population experiences a higher incidence of depression, self-harm, and suicide than the general population.

Most parents going through a mental health crisis recognize they need to get help so they can provide a stable foundation for their children.  Others, like Sabastion, adopt the shocking idea that their gender transition will “fix” everything and make them better parents.

In a tragic statement, Sabastion says, “I can’t wait to be there for my kid.  The more my body resembles his, the better he’ll understand,” according to the CNN interview.

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This vulnerable young child is going to experience more confusion than his parents seem to fathom.  He is seeing them change before his eyes, and yet, they see nothing wrong with sharing the experience with him and making him a pawn in the left’s plan to take over society as we know it.

The Federalist remarked on the harm that is done to the children of transgender parents:

Children grow up looking for their identity. More specifically, little children establish their identity through their relationships with their parents, and through how their parents reflect masculinity and femininity. Please, America, children’s needs must take priority over a special-interest group.

As the left continues to indoctrinate the young, and as progressive parents like these involve their innocent children in their struggles with their identity, we can only pray for the tide to turn and society to right itself back to its roots in Christian values.

While these parents no doubt love their son, they likely don’t comprehend the serious issues their lifestyle may cause him in the future.

With a never-ending push to make alternative lifestyles the “new normal,” the rabidly progressive ideology of the left is going to have dangerous implications for the future of our society.

And with liberal mainstream media outlets like CNN in their back pocket, the left encounters no interference in pushing their message on the rest of us.

What do you think of this couple’s message that they are raising their son to have a “normal” childhood?  Do you think CNN has any remaining credibility as a legitimate news site with their obvious liberal bias?  Leave us your thoughts.