One Dad Spoke Out Against “Transgender” Madness And Lost Custody Of His Son Forever

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There’s nothing more painful than watching your child suffer – and not being able to stop it.

And for Ted Hudacko, he watched in horror as his healthy 16-year-old son was on the path to “change genders” – backed by the boy’s mother – and the court.

Ted did everything he could to protect his son – and was horrified to learn as a result of simply loving his son – the judge revoked all of his custody privileges and banned him from seeing his boy. 

One can’t even imagine the grief of not being able to see your own child.

It’s cruel and barbaric – especially when it’s without just cause.

The truth is, Ted wasn’t the one abusing his son – he was the only adult speaking rationally trying to stop his son from undergoing life-altering hormonal treatments.

Some states like Texas have actually said allowing a child to undergo gender transition surgeries or take hormone drugs is child abuse. 

Sadly, not every state has adopted the same mentality, and of course this particular case is taking place in California – arguably the leftist state in the nation.

In California, minors don’t even need parental permission to “change genders” or kill their own babies.

Leftist states are utterly obsessed with driving a wedge between teens and their parents.

As for Ted – he simply loves his son and is worried about the physical and emotional harm taking these drugs would have on him.

Any judge should not only appreciate and respect a parent advocating for his son – but recognize it should be the PARENT making decisions for an underage child – not a court.

But these days, instead of insisting a minor child struggling with gender dysphoria get mental health counseling – courts see themselves as some sort of pro-LGBT crusader – helping children live out their contrived “true self” despite the “oppressive” parents trying to stop them. 

The City Journal reported:

“Courts are adopting this view and seeing a child who has a feeling of gender dysphoria as no different from one born with a cleft palate. From this perspective, the only relevant question in a custody dispute involving a transgender-identified minor is: When will you allow him to get the necessary surgery to fix his body? 

Once a court swallows gender ideology, in other words, judges will believe that the only thing left for a loving parent to do, after an adolescent announces a trans identity, is shuttle him to the doctors who will alter his body and contribute clapping-hands emojis to the photos he posts on Instagram.”

But ideology like this is dangerous – and can truly harm and scar children for life.

Many teens who begin the gender-transition process and come out of it are depressed – and even suicidal

Sadly, schools and courts are more focused on helping children complete their “transition” and using their lives as sacrificial lambs to promote the “greater good” of enshrining the LGBT agenda across the land.

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