One Mom’s Choice Proves Every Life Has Purpose

The slaughter of the unborn due to legal abortion is one of the most tragic evils in the history of humanity.

Progressives truly don’t believe that life begins from the very moment of conception and think that a woman’s right to “choose” comes before protecting a life created by God.

But pro-lifers have truth on our side, and many women will go to any lengths to protect the sanctity of life – even if it brings them incredible pain.

Krysta Davis is one of these women.

Her story was shared by Café Mom and is truly a testament to the fact that every life – no matter how brief – has purpose.

Krysta was excited to find out she was expecting a little girl, deciding on the name Rylei.

The beginning of her pregnancy was difficult.  She had to undergo constant monitoring during her first trimester due to low progesterone levels brought on by PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome).

The results of some of the testing she received indicated that her little girl may be born with spina bifida or another neural tube defect.

When she went to see a specialist, she was prepared to hear that diagnosis confirmed — perhaps that her child would have difficulty learning to walk or delays in reaching childhood milestones.

What she didn’t expect was to be told her daughter had a condition that would be terminal – anencephaly.

This tragic condition occurs in very early pregnancy when the head of the neural tube fails to close so that the brain can properly form.  It leads to the absence of much of the brain and skull in the developing baby.

The causes of anencephaly are still unclear to physicians.  They believe it may be partly genetic or influenced by a lack of certain nutrients in the mother, among them folate, which is vital to neural tube development after conception.

Whatever the cause, it is nearly always fatal immediately after birth as the brain is unable to continue organ function.

When Krysta Davis got this heartbreaking news, she was given two options – have an abortion or carry her baby to term and donate her organs to save the lives of other newborns.

Krysta didn’t hesitate to put others ahead of herself.  First, her baby, who she wanted to give every natural moment of life she was able to have, and second, other parents and children.

She believed that if she couldn’t bring her baby home healthy, then she could help make sure another baby could be given a chance.

After an excruciating labor of over 48 hours, baby Rylei made her debut against all odds, as many babies with anencephaly are stillborn.  Had this been the case, Krysta would not have been able to donate her child’s organs.

Doctors kept her umbilical cord attached as long as they could, both to give Rylei’s family time to hold her while she was alive and also to keep a healthy blood flow before her organs shut down.

Krysta held her precious child while doctors and nurses prepared the steps necessary for retrieving her organs.

But Rylei was a fighter.  She was expected to live only minutes – hours at best – but her vitals were strong.  She was eating well and kept hanging on.

Little Rylei Lovett lived an incredible 7 days and passed away in her parents’ arms.

While heartbroken, Krysta knows that her daughter’s life had great meaning.

Café Mom reported on her comments:

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“She will save many lives. So far we know her valves will be helping someone, and her lungs will too…her placenta was sent off and the nurse told me that every placenta in this situation matters because one placenta could be the one that tells them the cure or more causes.  There are going to be two kids who make it a lot longer because of her. 

If I wasn’t able to bring my baby home forever, at least others could.”

This mother’s bravery during the most difficult time of her life brings hope to all of us who know that God doesn’t make mistakes.  He creates each and every one of us to serve a unique purpose in the world.

And the horror of abortion in the name of convenience ends millions of those lives every year.

45 million lives ended by abortion worldwide a year.  126,000 a day.  4,000 a day in the U.S. alone.

Every single life has a purpose.  Little Rylei Lovett may not have had a long life, but she made more of an impact in her one week of life than many of us do in an average lifetime.

What do you think of this incredible story of a heroic mother and one baby’s special purpose?

Leave us your thoughts.




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