Parenting Trends That Will Be Making Headlines In 2020

Remember when nobody had heard of the term “helicopter parent”?  And now there is a name for every genre of parent!

Every year a new trend seems to inexplicably catch hold of the parenting population, while another quietly fades away. 

New trends can be exciting, scary, or surprising, but we will let you be the judge of that with our list of up and coming habits and fashions you can expect to see in the coming year.

Comfortable Maternity Clothes

Goodbye uterus crushing jeans, and hello breathable jeggings!

The era of formal maternity wear is coming to a close, and soft, breathable fabrics in movable styles are going to be the norm. 

It’s about time. Being pregnant is uncomfortable enough without having your outfit to contend with. 

Incoming Mail For The Kids

Subscription boxes can make life easier, educational, and more entertaining. 

It used to be they only provided subscription boxes for adults, like monthly hair dye or weekly outfits, but now industries are targeting kids. 

According to Google Trends, kids’ subscription boxes are on the rise. So if you are looking for daily craft ideas, experiments, or fashion for those busy hands and minds, there will be a box for that. 

Is It A Boy Or Girl

Gender reveal parties are so much fun. The anticipation by parents is almost too much to bear. 

In recent years, gender reveal parties have been a show of ingenuity and creativity as much as they have been another addition to a new mom’s journey. 

Giant balloons, dyed cakes, and colored smoke have been some of the favorite ways to reveal gender, but Baby Gaga suspects that 2020 will present with even more outlandish revelations. 

Cutting Down On Tech

Screen time has been a hot topic in the media and beyond, urging parents to question whether the use of screens is a positive or negative force in their children’s lives. 

Too much screen time contributes to trouble focusing, sleeping, and maintaining a healthy weight in children, warns the American Academy of Pediatrics. 

As more academic circles publish the detriments of excessive screen time on children, we can expect to see a shift of focus away from the “shows” and towards more healthy independent play. 

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Homeschooling Is For Everybody

School violence has caused many families to reconsider sending their children to public education facilities, as Mommy Underground has previously reported. 

Other perks, such as being able to decide what your children learn has also been a huge draw for parents, according to Thought Co. 

Stereotypes around homeschooling will likely be proven wrong in the coming year, as parents of all races, religions, and backgrounds keep their babes at home. 

We have seen some wild trends catch on with parents throughout history, and this year surely will have one or two.

Overall, the flux in education among conservative parents and the growing public concern for the welfare of our children will produce some more grounded trends than society has produced in the past. 

Please let us know in the comments section if you see a trend catching on for 2020, and if you are willing to participate in it.