Parents Beware: The Left Doesn’t Believe You Have Authority Over Your Own Child

The Bible is chocked-full of passages referring to the God-given authority given parents over the health and safety of their children

Yet, time and time again, progressives have worked to brainwash our children into thinking they need not follow our guidance or respect our values, encouraging our kids to adopt their perverse agenda instead.

There’s a lot of propaganda out there targeting our children, but one “advice” column is one of the worse yet.

Teen Vogue is all about blatantly targeting our youth – particularly young girls.

Their claim to be a “health and beauty” publication took a backseat to their propaganda pieces about teen sex and alternative lifestyles years ago.  (Take a current article on the site entitled, “What It’s Like to Date When You’re Non-Binary.”)

Although they ceased their print publication in 2017 – in their words, due to “costs” – their website is still pushing the agenda in every way possible.

Case in point:  A recent article in which advice is given to a teen girl who asks how she can get an abortion without parental consent.

Of course, Teen Vogue was all too happy to oblige, telling the 16-year-old how she could get around her parents to murder her unborn child.

The young girl says she is afraid to tell her parents that she wants an abortion because they are pro-life.

But instead of advising the girl to talk to her parents about how they could all work together for her health and safety and that of the baby, writer Nona Willis Aronowitz tells her ways she can go around them.

Parents, beware:  These radical left-wing publications like to support progressive propaganda by telling kids to ignore their parents’ guidance and rely on their advice instead.

Aronowitz first gains the girls’ trust by “empathizing” with her own story of unwanted teen pregnancy.  In her case, her pro-choice mother helped her to abort her child.

Then she says, she understands her situation “in any circumstance, really, but especially to parents who are against it, and especially during a time in American history when the bodily autonomy of people with uteruses is under serious threat,” according to the Teen Vogue article.

Here we go with the “bodily autonomy” argument that so many progressives use – there’s never a thought about the baby’s rights.  Aronowitz also doesn’t say “women” but “people with uteruses” so as not to “offend” transgenders.

Then, she encourages the girl that even though she is still a child, she has the right – over her parents’ beliefs and objections – to an abortion.

And it’s only logical that if teens are mature enough to become parents, they are mature enough to decide whether or not they want to give birth. Having access to abortion should be your right, regardless of your parents’ beliefs.

Aronowitz goes on to tell the girl about state abortion laws and how she can find a way to abort her child without her parents ever knowing, including ways to “sidestep those rules depending on what state you’re in.”

She even tells the girl that maybe her parents won’t be pro-life anymore if it’s their own daughter facing an unplanned pregnancy. “People don’t really know what they think about abortion until they’re in the position themselves.”

In typical progressive fashion, they want to tell us what to believe — and when we don’t agree with them, they are confident they can change our minds.

It’s dangerous – and it’s becoming more dangerous for our children every day as they are continually told to ignore their parents’ guidance and follow the liberal agenda.

It seems they question why parents even exist to protect children in the first place.  The left seems to think that young teens should have “body autonomy” and that they have rights that do not come under the umbrella of parental authority.

Even if it means the death of an unborn baby and physical and emotional trauma to someone who is still a child themselves.

These radicals don’t look at unborn children as human beings, merely an inconvenience to be rid of if it doesn’t suit their needs.

They spew their “love” and “tolerance” propaganda, calling the majority of Americans who still support tradition and values “bigots” – or worse.

Aronowitz ends her advice to the teen with, “Because everybody loves someone who’s had an abortion. Including you.”

It is madness, plain and simple.

Parents are fighting a war of epic proportions – one for the very survival of all we believe in.  One for the health and safety of future generations.

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We must remain vigilant that our children are not being manipulated by their propaganda.  Make open communication a priority – the more we talk and listen to our children, the more we model the behaviors we want them to adopt, the better the chances they will carry on the values we want to see preserved.

No one, especially not a left-wing online publication, has a right to tell our children they don’t have to trust, respect, or listen to their parents.

In addition to all of our other concerns in regard to the safety of our children, this constant threat must remain on our radar.

What do you think of this disturbing “advice” by Teen Vogue encouraging a young girl to bypass her parents and get an abortion?  Leave us your thoughts.









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