Planned Parenthood Files Lawsuit To Expose Our Children To Perversity

Those who thought Planned Parenthood was only in the business of killing the world’s unborn children are wrong.

The relentless tentacles of the monstrous organization extends deep within the infrastructure of family life.

Planned Parenthood’s latest attempt to destroy American values involves public school children.

Breitbart reported:

Planned Parenthood affiliates from around the country are suing the Trump administration for its efforts to promote sex education programs in public schools that teach young people to make healthy lifestyle decisions rather than topics such as masturbation, anal sex, LGBT sex, the morning-after pill, and abortion.”

The federal lawsuits were filed by Planned Parenthood affiliates in multiple states; which  include, New York City, Alaska, Hawaii, Idaho, Iowa, Nebraska, and Washington.

Motive for moving forward with this disturbing legal action is said to be in the name of the school children’s health.

However, the true reason the lucrative organization wants kids to be promiscuous is coded in the end of Planned Parenthood’s public statement, where they blamed the Trump administration for forcing “abstinence only” education.

Young people have the right to the information and skills they need to protect their health,” said Dawn Laguens, vice president of Planned Parenthood Federation of America, according Breitbart.

Laguens continued, “The Trump-Pence administration is trying to impose their abstinence-only agenda on young people across the country.”

It is true that the Trump administration stripped millions from Teen Pregnancy Programs (TPP) Planned Parenthood had implemented, according to Breitbart.

In contrast, Obama had stopped all funding for sex education that promoted abstinence. Instead, comprehensive sex education (CSE) programs that are supported by Planned Parenthood and LGBT groups were taught.

As a tweet uncovers, Planned Parenthood presumes that adolescents are all going to have intercourse and so one should embrace it, exposing them to many forms of intercourse so they can choose which they like best. This is a warped and misguided perspective that has taken society by storm, perverting the minds and hearts of young people. The programs that were set up under the Obama administration were not effective, as data revealed, and even caused a suspected increase in risky sexual behavior among teens.

In 2017, a representative of the Department of Health and Human Services told Breitbart that out of 37 evaluations for grants to continue the TPP programs, most were shown to be worthy of funding cuts:

Overall, of the 37 funded and evaluated projects, 73% either had no impact or had a negative impact on teen behavior, with some teens more likely to begin having sex, to engage in unprotected sex, or to become pregnant,” the official stated. “Very few positive results were sustained over time.”

Although, Planned Parenthood was made aware of the HHS evaluations, proving that their methods were not what was best for the public school system, they submitted the TPP grant application for a “second round”, according to Breitbart.

The grants for sex education are massive, coming right out of the taxpayer’s pocket. So, why would Planned Parenthood continue to push for education that is not helpful to the nation’s youth?

The answer is simple. Planned Parenthood has no interest in protecting the health of women and children.

They are looking to keep revenue streams open by pushing their agenda that children in the womb are worthless, and that you should follow your fleshly desires; worrying about consequences later.

The HHS Department’s representative who discussed the grant evaluations concluded with,

The evidence stands in stark contrast to the promised results, jeopardizing the youth who were served, while also proving to be a poor use of more than $800 million in taxpayer dollars.”

 The type of education that Planned Parenthood affiliates are suing to instill in the classroom, is all forms of sexuality that doesn’t end in a family unit as God intended.

It is clear that the battle against conservative values has reached the highest level of legal platforms.

To protect our children, we need to speak out against the perverted ideologies that are being shoved down America’s throat.

Make sure to check with your children’s school to see what their methods of sex education are, and opt out, or walk out, if they go against morality.

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Sooner or later, liberals will realize that they don’t have a right to set the standards for our families.

Please let us know in the comments section what you think about the lawsuit, and how it interferes with your rights.