Planned Parenthood Grooms Toddlers In “Sexual Education”

Planned Parenthood is at it again seeking to force their agenda onto the masses, but this time they are setting their targets on children.

In fact, some of their latest pro-abort campaign is even geared towards toddlers.

And once you find out about the propaganda being marketed to children, you’ll be bound to take precautions to make sure this slick campaign never enters your household.

To start with, deep down Planned Parenthood knows they are on the losing side of history.

After New York lit the sky pink celebrating abortion, the nation was shocked, and the pro-life movement had a reboot.

Even some “pro-choice” people were shocked at New York’s new law.

So in typical fashion, Planned Parenthood knows that in order to keep abortion “mainstream”, they needed to think outside the box.

And not missing a beat, they took their campaign to social media, creating videos seeking to “normalize” abortions.

Planned Parenthood’s new YouTube channel “Amaze Jr” seeks to “educate” children as young as 4 years old on sex education topics like gender.

Even more sickening, Planned Parenthood is labeling these videos as “adorable”.

Life News reported:

“Amaze jr. is comprised of a series of videos and guides to help parents talk to their children about sex and sexuality, and a set of adorable age-appropriate videos for parents to watch with their children ages 4-9 to get the conversations started on sometimes tricky topics like Where Do Babies Come From, Our Bodies Are Private, and Learning About Gender,” developer Debbie Roffman said.

One of the videos that LifeNews watched, “Help kids learn where babies come from,” seems innocent enough. It even is life-affirming, telling young children that a pregnancy means a woman is carrying a baby in her womb.

But the “Amaze” video series for children ages 10 and up clearly are agenda-driven, not factual. For example, the “So, You Think You’re Pregnant” video misinforms students about pro-life pregnancy centers. It urges them to avoid the non-profits and go to Planned Parenthood instead if they think they might be pregnant. It also portrays teen parenting in a negative light. While teen parenting certainly is difficult, the video fails to mention any negative consequences of abortion.”

While teenage pregnancy is certainly not a good thing, this video deceptively attempts to steer scared teens away from pro-life pregnancy centers that can help them, and into the lion’s mouth at Planned Parenthood.

At least at pro-life centers, teens have a fighting chance and can learn healthy alternatives such as adoption.

Planned Parenthood knows children are addicted to social media, and drawn to catchy videos.

By taking their messaging online and grooming children from a young age to fall in line with Planned Parenthood, they are simply ensuring their pro-abortion clinics will continue to have a line of “customers”.

Furthermore, targeting young toddlers to buy into Planned Parenthood at a young age is further seeking to brainwash young children to accept abortion as a good thing.

So parents, beware!

Make sure you know what your children are watching on YouTube in your home!

What are your thoughts on Planned Parenthood’s new sex-ed channel for toddlers?

Why do you think they are targeting young toddlers?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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