Police Want Every Mom To Be Aware About These Halloween Dangers

As children dress up in their creative Halloween costumes hoping to score some tasty treats– police are sounding the alarm.

It’s unconscionable to imagine, but predators actually wait for this time of year knowing they have prime access to harm children.

So before you let your children take a bite of their Halloween candy this year or walk the streets – it’s critical you know the dangerous plans these predators have for your children.

Drug-Laced Candy

Yes, some lunatics actually think it’s funny to pass out candy laced with THC.  

While every state is different and marijuana is legally sold in some dispensaries – regardless of what adults choose to do with their life – it’s sick to think adults would pass out THC laced candy to children.

The Johnston Police department actually posted a warning to Facebook telling parents they found 400mg of THC in Nerd Ropes during a search warrant, and reminded parents drug laced candy is packaged similar to regular candy and to be sure to check it.

Wild Drivers 

While the little kids trick or treat for candy, the big kids often turn to Halloween parties – which include a lot of booze and drinking.

According to Safe Kids USA, children are twice as likely to be killed by a car on Halloween more than any other night of the year!

If drivers aren’t drunk, many are distracted or not vigilant to pay attention to the hundreds of children crossing the street eager to get candy from the next house.

It’s critical you remind your child about the dangers of running out into the street – and make sure their costume has some kind of reflective tape.  

Stranger Danger

Child predators eagerly await the opportunity to have access to multiple children during Halloween.

From adults trying to lure children into homes to “get candy” or into cars – it’s important to be vigilant this Halloween.

Do not allow young children to trick or treat by themselves! And as a safety precaution, it’s wise to go in groups.

Police also recommend staying away from dark houses and avoiding entering into someone’s home unless you know them.

Have Fun

There’s no need to scare your child – but it’s good to teach them safety techniques like staying with the group and not going into stranger’s homes.

Make it a family rule to not eat any candy until it is inspected by mom at home.

And when going through your child’s candy – throw away anything that is “homemade” or that is opened.

Sure, the brownies from the stranger down the street might truly be okay but you can never be too careful. 

What are some ways you keep your child safe during Halloween?

Were you surprised to learn about the drug-laced candy?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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