Political Correctness Has Become Out Of Control In Universities

The attempts of the left to make the nation politically correct has been on a drastic rise, to no betterment of the citizens.

Whether it is an argument for people to “correctly” identify those choosing to be a member of the LGBT group, or a short person preferring to be considered “vertically challenged”, liberals have made the effort to not offend anyone, anywhere…ever.

A seemingly harmless movement at first glance has turned into a confusing and ridiculous display of little intellect, and one university is the beacon for this shift.

The word “America” and “American” once held a sense of pride, history, and strength that no other country could conjure with their mere titles. 

However, in recent days the country’s divide between those wishing we were a fluid country in sexuality and borders, and those who wish to see the country stand on the values in which it was founded has caused America to be a chaotic blend of socialist operatives and patriotic traditionalists.

Colorado State University has submitted a draft of their “Inclusive Language Guide”, and what they included as offensive, non-inclusive words will have you speechless. 

Fox News tells all:

“According to reports, a draft version of Colorado State University’s “Inclusive Language Guide” included “America” and “American” among words deemed to be non-inclusive.”

Their reasoning for identifying as an American to be “non-inclusive” is outrageous?

The argument is that when we say “America” or “American” that we are referring to those from the United States, when those outside the United States use those terms to refer to people from North America, South America and the Caribbean. 

In the draft form it was suggested that what we call Americans should be referred to as a “U.S. Citizen” or “person from the U.S.”

Why they found the terms so offensive is that it “erases other cultures and depicts the United States as the dominant American country,” the draft argues. 

Asking nearly anyone around the world where they would consider an American from, they would say the United States. 

Other American countries have their own distinct name that is proudly used in place of their geographical continent. 

Guatemalans would not prefer to be called “Central Americans” because they feel distinguished from other central American countries such as Honduras and El Salvador. 

Canadians would surely not enjoy their citizens to be called North Americans when they take pride in waving the Canadian flag. 

The United States is a collective group under one banner, making the term American to be the most inclusive terminology that could be used.

Colorado may have been where the draft originated, but the message echoed out across America with many politicians speaking out against the rabbit hole liberals have fallen into when trying to be politically correct.

Former Governor Scott Walker spoke out in an op-ed for The Washington Times writing:

Instead of spending so much time worrying about ways not to offend anyone, it would be nice if our colleges and universities actually worried about teaching our students. Since 1978, college tuition has gone up 1,125 percent — four times the rate of inflation, while actual time in the classroom by tenured professors teaching undergraduates has gone down.”

In defense of the draft, Colorado State Chancellor Tony Frank reminded contributors that the guide is a suggestion and followed on a voluntary basis. 

We consider free speech and the First Amendment the foundations of a great American public university,” Frank said, according to Fox News.

If only this was true!

Just last year there was a violent protest on Colorado State Campus when conservative activist Charlie Kirk came to speak, according to the Coloradoan.

And this isn’t the only time it has happened at an American university, as Mommy Underground has previously reported, with notable liberal outbursts against free speech at Berkeley University and University of Minnesota.

The university tried to backpedal when they received confrontation about the document, in an attempt to not offend anyone again, saying that it’s “Inclusive Language Guide” is a “living document” and “not an official policy or required practice.”

The problem still lies in that the university’s support of removing the term “American”, a connotation of United States citizens known around the world.

Ironically, liberals in the United States seem to be the only ones concerned with renaming perfectly identifiable things.

They tirelessly work in order to gain more approval with people that don’t notice them and never asked to be saved from the “terminology thief.”

Many issues do need attention in the United States but being more politically correct is not one of them.

Please let us know in the comments section what you think about the university’s draft, and what it would look like if liberals were to remove “America” from their vocabulary when referring to the US.